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View the latest post 506 Swimplatform

I was using compressed air to remove water from the raw water condenser cooling system piping for the air conditioners. Noticed on the bottom of swim-platform, where water normally drains for the condensers there was a small amount of water leaking from where the swim platform attaches to hull of boat. Just below and forward of the drains. My question is. Is the swimplatform hollow? And the water discharge is into the platform then out the drain holes.?

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View the latest post Engine trouble on a 330 Mariner

Hello all,

I'm a recently new owner of a 95 330 Mariner. Let me apologize in advance for the long post, I have a lot of info I need to put out there.
My story begins like this: Purchased said boat in Tom's River New Jersey from a small dealer/broker. I think it was in his marina for about 2 years. We went up looked at the boat, had it surveyed and hauled, and decided it was a "good risk" and purchased it. It is our third boat.
After some work we(my wife and I) decided we needed to get her out of her current situation at the marina in New Jersey and move her to our home marina in Chesapeake City, MD about a 10 to 12 hour run. Our journey began a couple of few weeks ago. The boat which we named Off$hore Investment was running great, aside from a nuisance low oil pressure alarm on the port engine which the surveyor deemed to be unreliable/intermittent, and I subsequently disconnected while underway. We(me and two friends from work, who are all licensed A&P helicopter mechanics) made it all the way to Long Beach Island/ Beach Haven, NJ when we noticed fluctuating RPM's on the port engine. We noticed a water leak from the exhaust on the port engine. It was spraying all over the engine compartment. I shut the port engine down, wrapped it with some Flex-tape(its amazing stuff, you should carry a roll for emergency repairs). When I attempted to restart the port engine, it would crank twice, and then click, click, click... At that point we got a little closer to the shore than I wanted and subsequently ran aground, stalling the starboard engine.
After some four letter words, we attempted to restart the starboard engine and discovered that all 12 VDC power on board was dead. I was able to get the genny started and after grounding on two more sandbars were towed into Beach Haven. After we tied up and connected shore power for about 5 minutes the starboard engine fired up no problem. The port engine never did start again, exhibiting the same symptoms dockside as it did underway.
I have my theories as to what happened(bad alternator on stbd. engine, bad connection on the pos. battery cable on #2 battery). The mechanic at the yard keeps telling me he needs a little more time " to work things out" on the port engine. I'm just afraid the port engine ingested water from the leaking exhaust and washed out the cylinder(s). I'm willing to take all suggestions as long as they're free.
Engines are 350 Crusaders with around 300 +- 20 hours

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View the latest post Our New to Us 1995 Carver Mariner 330

Hi all,
My husband and I recently traded our 2004 Four Winns 248 Vista for a 1995 Carver Mariner 330 - looking for more room to move around when we have guests.
It needs some work. Bought it in NJ and we are at a marina in Northern Maryland. Tried to move it down and got as far as LBI when had some engine trouble and we're wintering in Beach Haven, NJ for some TLC.
Very excited about learning about our new boat and looking forward to great memories.
We'd love to chat w/ anyone who has a 330 Mariner of approximately the same age for tips.

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View the latest post 15% off all custom Fisher Winter Storage Covers

That's right. If I have the pattern on file for your boat or you are within Maryland to Conn and I can measure the boat, take 15% off all custom-made Fisher covers. We can do out-or-water storage covers or in-water storage covers.

Call or email and let's see what we can do, thanks.

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View the latest post 2003 Diesel 366 blowers on all the time?

My new to me 2003 366 has twin Cummins 280Hp engines. When I turn the ignition on, the blowers start & run continuosly - blowing in & sucking out.
In my previous diesel boats the blowers were activated only when re-fuelling.

Is this how the boat was delivered new? or has the PO changed the wiring for some reasons?

I note that I have a lot of black soot stains in all the carpet joins & I guess this may be why.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Proud New Owner 2001 Carver Voyager 374

Pleased to take the helm of this beauty - in great shape for a 16 year old.
Plying the waters of Fort Lauderdale

Carver 374 XO Picture on Water.jpg

:captain: :usa:
2001 Carver Voyager 374
Twin Cummins Diesel 6BTA 370 HP
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Carver Mariner 350 City Water Hookup - Winter

Question. What is the best way to winterize the City Water hookup section of hose? For the rest of the water system, the intake on the water pump was removed and antifreeze was pumped throughout the system.

The City Water section has a back flow valve so you can't pump your stored water out the fitting. It also has a pressure reducer in it.


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View the latest post Want to replace microwave with electric convection oven

My 1992 Carver 33 aft cabin came with electric burners and a microwave oven underneath. I rarely (if ever) use a microwave, and would much rather have a convection oven in its place. Any suggestions?

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View the latest post Winterization problems

The other week I was winterizing my 355. I have a seaflush kit, a bit pricey for a few pieces of plastic but it does work well and save time.
Anyhow, blow out water and add antifreeze to both a/c systems, check. Generator, check. Port engine check. So far about an hour and a half max from pulling up to the boat. Starboard engine, not check. It wont pull the antifreeze. Ok, I knew I had an impeller going bad, as it would run a bit hotter than port at over 3k rpm. yes, I keep a spare, should be a 90 minute job correct?. Gather the pump replacement kit, tools etc. Looking at the very small space to slip in front of the starboard engine? Lay down extra drop clothes etc. so I don't touch the carpet, looking at the small access to the front of the engine. All ready to climb in, again, looking at the very narrow access to the front of the engine. Looks like plenty of room when I get in there. Double check I have everything within reach due to the VERY tight access. Take a break, ok, I'm ready. No, I cannot slide in the very narrow space!! I pull the part of me that was semi stuck back out, with a few scratches and scrapes, and reevaluate the situation. Disconnect and move genny? No. find someone smaller, maybe, but I'm not huge, 5'10 190 I would need a skinny kid, or remove the heat exchanger. So yes, off comes the exchanger.
So my three hour winterization job turns into eight hours. I guess its a good thing, because I was planning to replace the impeller in the spring, and may have tried to squeak another season after I realized how tough of a job it was on the starboard engine. The impeller was BAD, it only had two half fins left! And don't forget to back flush. I believe the rest of the impeller was stuck in the trans cooler.
The port engine is no problem, plenty of space.

The main reason I share this is, if you have a 355 and you think you can quickly swap the starboard impeller if it fails underway, think again!!!

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View the latest post Wanted 3807 windscreen

Need at least the starboard half of the windshield/windscreen for 1988 38 Aft Cabin, 3807.

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