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View the latest post Six fuel tank

We’ll, it’s been a great season and I’ve learned a lot. Boat’s out of the water now. Winter’s coming.
One issue I need help with...
My ‘96 355 Aft Cabin has an “Auxillary” fuel tank. I had inadvertently filled it (via the port aft access port) a year ago when I bought the boat. I tried to use the fuel in the tank this season only to completely gum up the fuel filters to both engines. I’m not surprised considering how difficult it was to find the selector valve under the salon sofa. My hunch is that the fuel in that tank has been sitting there for years.
Now I simply want to pump it out and not use the tank, but I can’t find it.
Does anyone know how I access the Auxillary fuel tank on a 355 Aft Cabin (1996)?

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View the latest post Perfect solution for boat size salon sectionals

Many boats we have been looking at no longer have the original salon sectional and I have seen other discussions where folks are looking for furniture. I found a great solution at http://www.homereserve.com The modular pieces come shipped flat and you can assemble them on board. They also have storage in the seat. I've already designed for the 3807 we are hoping to purchase

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View the latest post Rebedding bow pulpit

Hello all,

New to the Carver world and this forum, but not new to the boating world. We just picked up our 93 Carver 300 Sedan near the beginning of August and are loving it so far! But as with any boat of this age, there's always work to be done...

Which brings me to the task at hand... rebedding.

There were low to moderate amounts of moisture/delamination found during the survey in the typical areas near the bow pulpit, handrail stanchions, etc.. I've recently begun the process of rebedding said items just this past weekend. I did the starboard side handrails this past Saturday, and all went quite well.

The question I have for the experts here is regarding the bow pulpit, which I intend to do on my next trip to the marina. So my question is this: does one need to completely remove the bow pulpit and rebed underneath, or does everyone just usually rebed the hardware? I'm not exactly sure how the pulpit is attached besides the four carriage bolts thru the anchor locker and the handrail stanchions. Said another way, does Carver put sealant underneath the entire pulpit during assembly? From what I can tell just by looking at it, it appears that it's just bolted down and there's a bead of caulk/sealant around the edge of the pulpit. It's obvious none of these items have ever been rebedded until now, so however it left the factory is how it will be when I undergo this project. While it's not leaking at the pulpit, yet, I have had some minor water intrusion from the starboard handrail stanchions, hence why I've taken on this project. Just want to make sure I do this right the first time.

I appreciate any input you guys/gals may have. I've already learned a lot from lurking around this forum! :captain:



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View the latest post Carver Mariner 350 Engine Room Hatches

Has any one converted a Carver Mariner 350 Engine Room Hatches to hinged with piston assist? When ever I want to go into the engine area I have to lift and move away the large cumbersome engine hatches. There has to be a better way. I was thinking of putting hinges on them like the center hatch has. Thoughts?


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View the latest post Winterize or not?

Hello everyone, I am just getting my 2003 Carver 366. I am currently in the Annapolis MD area and wanted to get recommendations for what most people do for the winter with their boats in this area. I'm a first time boat owner so I am looking for some recommendations on what to do for the winter. Is the Annapolis area ok to just leave it in the water as long as I have the boat in a slip with power and water and run the heaters and take it out a few times a month this winter or would it be better to get it pulled for the winter and winterized?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Help me identify and replace a steering part Carver 2567

Starboard side of the engine, slightly forward of it. There is a stainless steel mechanism for the steering. Maybe 18 or 20 inchs long with two parts that move forward and aft when you steer.

The po has the what looks to be a hydro line from this mechanism leading to the steering behind the motor held on with a pair of old rusty vice grips.

That's right. Vice grips are holding this hose to the mechanism laying on my hull.

Ill snap a pic tonight if i have time. I want to say its a rack or pinion as it slides back and forth in the track as you steer and im assuming its for power assist steering.

Thank you all ahead of time.


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View the latest post High Engine Idle Speed After Coming off Cruising Speed

I have a 1994 Carver 350 Aft Cabin with twin Crusader 454XL Series engines with an idle issue I am trying to track down. Elevated idle speed (anywhere from 1000-1600 rpms) seems to only happen after cruising at 3,000 rpms or higher. I can run all day at less than 3,000 rpms and elevated engine idle speed problem doesn't pop up. Restart corrects the problem. Checked linkage, secondary barrels, and choke. Choke wide open. Not linkage issue and secondary barrels aren't sticking open. Also, I lubed everything up good. Last season starboard engine acted up and this year it is the port engine acting up. Seems to be an electrical problem because a restart always corrects the problem so far. If I adjust the idle speed stop screw while engine is idling high and lower the idle speed that way then after a restart engine won't idle because idle is set too low. Idle problem doesn't happen every time, but frequency seems to be increasing. Does anybody have any ideas or have you had same problem? Thanks.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Bringing my Carver Santacruz back from the dead!!!

Hello all. Ive brought several sailboats back to life. Now its time to try it with a motor boat. I wanted a boat the family of 3 could stay in with our three dogs for up to 2 weeks at a time in the keys. The family hates sailing so my sailboat is for sale and the project begins.

Plans: stock 350 has 760 hours, service, rebuild carb and see how she works out.

Gut interior, vinyl or laminate floors and all new upholstery

Complete rewire.

2 starter batteries, 2 house bank batteries and 100 watts of solar panels to run items like all led interior, cabin and spot lights.

Honda or similar quiet generator to run ac, water heater and battery charger if needed.

Find a place to mount an aux 30 gallon fuel tank

Build bench seat for fly bridge and some rod holders

Some custom life lines for flybridge and front deck.

200 ft 1/2 rode, 50 ft 3/8 chain and both a plow and danforth anchor for a good night's sleep

A swim platform with upper and lower ladders plus mount for 9.9 outboard.

Install alpa one outdrive

Simple sonar fish finder and budget gps chart plotter to keep me from ending up in cuba...or to help me find Cuba

And first up...diy aluminium window frames....ive got rot

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View the latest post Happy to finally be aboard!!!!!!!

Mechanical inspection and survey completed and passed with flying colors on a 2001 396!

First boat ever and am so looking forward to putting it in the water in 2018!!!!!

Both kids are away at college and my wife and I are now empty nesters. We are so looking forward to crusing the Mississippi and the St. Croix with friends and just relaxing on the water.

For fellow Carver owners in Mn, what is the go to company as far as service and possible upgrades to our boat? It looks like we will be in Prescott for the 2018 season but not sure after that.


Doug and Christie :captain:

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View the latest post Hi all!

Just thought I would say "hi"! I joined the forum last year about the time I purchased my 1986 4207 and haven't really had time to work on it. Planning on moving it from Minneapolis to Seattle this fall, so, we will see how that goes :captain2:

The forums that I have been on in the past have been an enormous help, both getting and giving. Thanks all!

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