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View the latest post Happy new owner of a 1983 Carver 3607

I am the new co-owner of a 1983 Carver 3607 aft cabin. The other owner's name is Brian and we have two VERY patient wives!! We found the boat in Nashville, TN.....It floats and it's dry inside. The boat appears to be "all there" just neglected. The engines were supposedly "seized" when we bought it in October, but we have since been able to break both loose and get the port engine running. The starboard is close but we are having some timing issues. Thanks to google, and the fine folks on this forum, we should have our mistakes corrected and have both engines running this weekend. What a thrill to take a boat like a 3607 and bring her back to life! We are learning a ton about all the "systems" on these bigger boats and are really looking forward to restoring this boat to her former glory! Thanks for such a great forum to talk Carvers!


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View the latest post ISO below floor boards routing and locations

ISO Looking for a pdf of below deck tank hose and electrical routing from 1986 Mariner 36.
I have just acquired a new project as a result of Irma and Maria. Needing info for location of everything below floor boards. Have had no luck with Google as here in the VI service is still compromised :-D

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View the latest post Washer/Dryer access

I have the stacked w/d between the galley and the forward day head. The washer has stopped working, so I need to get it serviced.

The question is how do you get the wooden door unit off? It is solid on the bottom with a opening door that just opens down to the top of the washer (which is the lower unit). It does not appear to be screwed in (there are screwholes but no screws visible, perhaps a previous owner didn't replace them). If it is just press-fitted in, it's tight and I don't want to tear the ceiling fabric.

Any advice?

1998 Carver 445 AC

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View the latest post Attachment(s) '06 Carver 41 CMY Throttle Position

Purchased a 2006 41 CMY back in September. One of the survey issues was the throttles would not sync (not the gauge that is another issue). That has been corrected.

My current issue is that the throttles seem to be positioned incorrectly. See picture. When at idle the throttles are all the way down. In other boats I have owned and other Carver dock mates, the throttle idle position is center.

Has anyone else seen this situation?

Is it normal for this boat?

If not normal, does anyone know how to correct?

Thank you,

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View the latest post 2000 326 aft cabin water tank question

We are new to the Carver 326...and the dual water tanks. Fill is on Starboard side and waste on port side.... but there are 2 freshwater holding tanks. One on starboard side one on port side (under the beds in the aft cabin). It seems that only the starboard tank is filling when we add water. The fill guage has never read past half full and we even seem to be listing to the starboard side. Im assuming tanks are connected becayse all faucets and shower are working. Am i missing a connector to fill the port sude tank? Thanks for any help....

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View the latest post Hot Water Heater Leak

We have a 326 aft cabin (new to us) and having a plumbing issue. Heard a “pop” last night, then water pump is runni g continuously. No water pressure. Shut everything down. Found water around hot water heater and can hear a drip if we run the water pump for a minute. Carpeton floor in cabin is wet-below hot water heater. Sumps are all good.

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View the latest post Please clarify Mercruiser 454 open system thermostat operation

Hi all,

I am in the process of winterizing my Mercruiser engine. I am a little fizzy on how the open cooling system (raw water through the entire engine) works. Specifically the thermostat. The question is, will the thermostat allow antifreeze to flow though the bock even though the engine is not up to temperature?

This is for future reference...

This year, I pulled all the blue drain plugs (5 of them) on the engine and removed the radiator hose filled the block with antifreeze.

I was looking for a simpler way.


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View the latest post Attachment(s) Whats this

On my engine access hatch, carver 506. I have two holes on top step. Anyone knows what they are for?

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View the latest post Upgrading Audio Video Equipment

Ok, spending the weekend on our 350 Mariner and watching some college football. It has never been more clearer than now that I MUST upgrade the 19" TV! Will be upgrading ALL equipment and leaning towards doing it myself, but not sure which components are needed, above the normal head unit, amplifiers, TV and speakers. Any suggestions on online sources for marine audio tutorials?

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View the latest post 366 Kohler Generator raw water discharge?

I have a new to me 2003 366 with 280HP Cummins & an 8 KvA Kohler. I have had part of 1 summer on board so far & we are loving the space & the set up. However I am now doing pre-season maintenance like filters etc.
It's true to say I haven't paid much attention to where the raw water from the generator exits the boat until now.

I replaced the impeller & took the heat exchanger off & cleaned it up, flushed & replaced the coolant & started it up. The first thing I looked for was to see the raw water discharge.

There was none I could see. None coming out of the exhaust outlet at the stern of the boat.
Expecting a blockage between the siphon break & the muffler, I've spent some time cleaning out the hoses etc with Barnacle Buster type stuff. If I now blow through the hose at the siphon break I can hear bubbles in the muffler.

But still no water out of the exhaust outlet.

However I do see the water coming out underneath the boat part-way down the hull. The generator runs OK but surely it's not meant to be in effect a dry exhaust going the length of the boat?

Because the generator is under the floor & up against a bulkhead I can't see the elbow mixer for the exhaust & the raw water, without cutting some extra hatches in floor.

Can anyone help with information for this model 366 exactly where the raw water is supposed to come out from the generator?

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