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View the latest post Fuel Usage

I filled my tanks last Wednesday then ran the boat home from Detroit Beach Boat Club a run of 18 miles. Then on Sunday I took my boat out for the last time this season. I made a run around Grosse Ile then filled up at Elba Mar Boat Club. Using the trip odometer of my GPS I ran a total of 36.5 miles (statute) between fill ups. I put in 36.9 gallons of fuel on Sunday.

On this particular tank of fuel I averaged 0.989 MPG on this last run. I ran at RPM's of 3200 to as low as 1600 during that 36.5 mile run. It's really the only time I tracked an individual use of fuel. I did keep track of my total mileage this season and gallons of fuel used so I will have a seasonal average MPG to post later and I tracked my hours run so I will also later post my GPH average.

The numbers should be interesting. Calculating over a whole season should give me a good idea of my average fuel usage.

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View the latest post All Done For This Season

Yep, shrank her today. Looking forward to an early launch in 2018.


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View the latest post Carver wireless docking control


Currently under contract on a mid 2000's Marquis.

The boat has a wireless control which will control transmissions and thrusters.

Looks similar to a Yacht Controller add on product.

Any experience with this? How well does it work?

Was thinking about adding a Yacht Controller - does this do the same thing? Does it work as well?

Thank you for any assistance,

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View the latest post Insurance and winterizing engines

So with it being this time of year for many of us who boat where substantial freezing occurs, we have some threads about antifreeze and such and one thread has given me some thought to check my policy. For recent years I have always used the Marina techs to winterize the main engines as they are raw water cooled , and as Rick stated it is really an insurance against a very expensive loss.

Well after saying all that I was surprised to read in our policy that to cover freeze damage , basically I would have to show that the engines were professionally winterized.....It does not define professional in this context but ......so what say you folk, anyone have any unfortunate experience with this.....is everyones policy this way?......

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Winterizing Twin Crusaders Model 270

Hello to All!

I have a 1981 AFT Cabin Model 3007 with twin crusader model 270 engines and its time to winterize them. I was reading online and most links state (non crusader 270's) that there are 2 fresh water drain plugs on the engine, one on each side of the block. I went to my local service store and they pulled the engine up on the computer and they stated that there is only one drain plug in the block. Does anyone know for sure and any tips and suggestions for winterizing these engines would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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View the latest post Engines won't stay running

Cummins 330 diesels ... will crank and run as long as they key is held in the start position, but engines stop as soon as key is released. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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View the latest post Alternators not charging house battery

I have a Carver 33 SS 2006 with four batteries. Two engine starters, one house battery, and one generator battery. Connected to shore power, all batteries charge. Running the gennie also successfully charges all the batteries. While underway, the engines are not successfully charging the house battery though the voltmeters for both engines are showing charging at 13 or 14 volts.

I say that because after being underway for 6 or 7 hours the CO monitors beep indicating a low battery charge, and the chart plotter, etc. turns off. Running the gennie re-charges the house battery eventually. Also, as soon as the gennie is on the CO monitors stop beeping and the chart plotter and other instruments are up and running again.

I installed an AGM battery for the house a year ago, when the house battery that was installed failed. The other three battery are conventional wet cell batteries. Any idea about how to go about checking for charge to the house battery from the engines?

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View the latest post Given Birth

It's official. Have finally given birth to a new to me 2001 Carver 506. I'm exhausted :clap:

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View the latest post Carver Mariner Engine Room insulation

I want to replace the foam on the hatches in the engine compartment. They hold water. What else could I use for insulation in the engine compartment?

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View the latest post Helms seat

I just purchased a 1999 445 Carver and would like to add a second helm seat.
Looking for a matching seat...anyone have one or where to get one?

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