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View the latest post Window Track Cat Whisker replacement

I am looking to replace the "zipper piling" in the window tracks on my 1994 Mariner 330. Does anyone know the size to order?

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View the latest post 1977 carver santa cruz 2566 water heater

Hi -
I've got a 1977 carver santa cruz 2566 and when I plug in the water heater (which heats the water), my fresh water pump seems to pulsate and not run steady. This happens only when I plug the hot water heater in. My lines are clear without kinks, and the hoses that run from the water heater to the engine are not in use. (so no heating of the water using the engine which is a 351 Windsor)

Any ideas?


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View the latest post Attachment(s) Battery charger only charging Genet battery?

Hello all, I have a 2001 Mariner 350. It has 2 main batteries and 1 battery for the generator.
Recently the engines would not turn over so I replaced both the main batteries. When I went back to the boat 2 weeks later, those batteries were almost dead. The boat is in a wet slip with dual 30 amp power.
So i checked the battery charger and it appears it's only charging the Genset battery. The charger is a Mastervolt 12/3-40. I can check each bank and it shows that the main battery is low. (Shows a series of light bars and while the genset battery shows 3 yellow bars which is good, the main batteries show 1 red bar not so good)
Is it possible that the charger has failed?
I checked all the wiring and nothing loose or corroded. Checked with a volt meter and it seems like its only putting out a reduced voltage (7 volts or less). Maybe swap wires from genset to main and see what it does?
I am thinking I will have to replace the charger as I am not sure how to further test and / or fix this issue.
Any ideas?

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View the latest post Carver Yacht Values in Light of Sale

In light of the closing of Carver Yacht's in July of 2021, what are your thoughts on the market value of our Carvers? I'm considering selling mine as it will likely become more and more difficult to get parts and potential buyers may shy away. What do you all think? Don't get me wrong, I love my Carver but the writing is on the wall.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Noflex Digester VS Sodium Percarbonate

Have been using Noflex Digester for a few years now and must admit it works very well for not only controlling holding tank odours but also cleaning the tank and lines. Only drawback is it is rather spendy and difficult to find however ordering on the web has simplified things except for those delivery costs which add even more to the product. https://marinesan.com/noflex-digestor/

Been comparing and reading quite a bit since haul out last fall. Just do some searching for sodium percarbonate and noflex. The active ingredient is Noflex is 80% sodium percarbonate which is an oxidizing agent. Have come across multiple post claiming percarbonate works the same as Noflex however before I say it does I will need a trial season on the water. Probably will work better as I wont be so skimpy on using it any more. ;-) Here are a few links discussing the subject. Read between the lines, use your own judgement. ;-)

https://www.trawlerforum.com/forums/s31 ... 51219.html

https://www.trawlerforum.com/forums/s31 ... 46357.html

Ordered a 5 gallon pail (40lbs) of the stuff on ebay for $100 delivered to a US address. Advertised as 99% pure. This is a huge savings, about 10x less as those Noflex bottles are only 1lb of product at about $30 each. May even try diluting it with baking soda to the tune of 20%. Got enough product for the rest of my life I believe. :-D https://www.ebay.com/itm/174910196252


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View the latest post 1994 350 Aft Cabin

Hello Everyone, purchased a 350 Aft but can't drive it home until spring. It's in a slip 5 hrs away by car, so can only guess what the height of the bow will be when beached? Looking at beach ladders that are bow mounted. But need info if someone has installed one. To me it looks like I will need between a 8 to 10 step unit?? We spend alot of time beached. Thanks Dennis

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View the latest post removing old 4" exhaust hose

Hi, hello.

I need to get at my Velvet Drive transmission and take it out to be rebuilt.

My 350 Crusaders are FWC, coolant and a heat exchanger each, instead of raw water in the engine block.
There are so many hoses in the way!

What's worse, the exhaust elbow, that does a 90 to to meet the other exhaust hose, is fiberglass.
I have the hose clamps off. The hose does not want to move. It's been baked and pressed on there for years.
Usually, I pry the hell out of the hose end to get it off the lip.
In this case, I dont want to crush or pierce the fiberglass elbow and buy another one.
I might have to cut along this foot longish piece of exhaust hose, destroy it and buy another one.
That would be better than wrecking the 90 elbow, I figure?

The 4" exhaust hose that's in there now says "1993" on it, in the blue stripe with the hose info.
The boat is a 1994 production year, does this mean the exhaust hose could really be that old?
It would be a coincidence if not, that this unrelated number would randomly match the year this boat was constructed.
If the hose is that old, I don't feel too bad about wrecking a piece of it. Maybe it should all be replaced if it's that old?
Seller said he redid the exhaust hoses, and they look much newer than 1993 though.

Any tricks to removing old 4" exhaust hose? I'm trying to warm it up with a space heater and boiling water, but it won't budge. I've tried putting a piece of 2x4 in the inner crook of the elbow where the other hose clamp protects the lip from impact, and hammering the other end of the 2x4, to push the elbow out of the hose. No luck so far.

Soon the angle grinder and exhaust hose will have an encounter, unless something brilliant happens.

I have and will have a lot of questions as I try to repair this old beast. Thanks for reading these and for your help.
I will mail beer to all of you I guess? :beergood:

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View the latest post Port engine flywheel missing a tooth


I just put my rebuilt starter back in, and it cranks but makes a nasty clicking noise.

Sure enough, the Gopro revealed that the flywheel is missing a tooth.

Any advice?
How bad is this? Would you run it that way? I'm thinking the starter will start breaking off the next tooth if I keep cranking. I'm looking to sell the boat eventually, so it would be way better to fix it now.

I'm hoping I can disconnect the flywheel housing, support the aft end of the engine, unlag the motor mounts from the stringers and slide the engine forward enough to get inside the flywheel housing.
I'm picturing taking the flywheel off and having a tooth welded onto it if I cant find a replacement flywheel.

Any opinions on the strength of a welded tooth compared to original? Maybe a flywheel from another engine that will fit, in case I can't find a replacement?

Not sure how you would lift an engine out of this Carver Aft Cabin. Forklift extension coming in through the window?

Thanks folks

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View the latest post Proper location for propane tank


I have a 1986 Carver 4207. I am wondering where the proper location would be for the 20 pound propane tank. The previous owner has it under the cabinet on the back deck but it doesn't look proper.

Any suggestions and photos would be greatly appreciated.


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View the latest post The days are getting LONGER!

Who's thinking about LAUNCHING???


What's your plan for spring prep??? When do you plan on starting?

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