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View the latest post Boat cradle for 390cpmy

So my owners manual on the 1995 mentions carver made a cradle for storage on the hard. I’m not to thrilled with how the current marina has her so went looking for such a cradle but found none.
Has anyone built there own or have photos of carvers on them? I googled cradles and see most look hand built any suggestions on a build? Like the idea of making sure supports will be under bulkheads. May not be a happy camper storing it over the summer but will feel warmer in the winter…

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View the latest post Looking for a good marine turbo shop.

I am looking at getting both of my Volvo TAMD 74 turbos rebuilt and gone thru this winter, looking for any recommendations on a good marine turbo shop in the USA. Thanks for your help!

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View the latest post Location of GFCI outlet for External Receptacles on 2008 Marquis 59

I have a Marquis 59 2008 which I've owned for a month. The outlets on the flybridge have no power although the breaker for them "External Receptacles" is on. I believe it must be the GFCI outlet on the circuit which is tripped - but I can't for the life of me find it! The owners manual for an older 2004 Marquis says the GFCI outlet for that circuit is in the aft cockpit area, but my model doesn't have one there, so it must be somewhere else. Does anybody know where it is on their 2008 Marquis 59?


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View the latest post Attachment(s) Location of Flybridge GFCI outlet in 2008 Marquis 59

I have a new (to me) 2008 Marquis 59. I can't seem to find the GFCI outlet for the 120v outlets in the flybridge. I can find 2 outlets in the flybridge - one beside the icemaker and one beside the electric bbq. Neither are GFCI's. The breaker for External Receptacles is on, but no power at either of these. There must be a 3rd outlet somewhere which is the GFCI and it is tripped. 2004 owners manual (all I have) says there is an outlet in the aft cockpit area but it apparently isn't on the 2008 model. Can anybody elucidate me as the whereabouts of the External Receptacle outlets on their 2008?

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View the latest post Slider gasket.

The gasket on the outside of our slider has deteriorated to the point of if you touch it your hands get black. Any ideas how to deal with that?

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View the latest post 8.1 Volvo Penta oil capacity???

This one is driving me crazy captains and I need some guidance. I have the 8.1 Volvo Penta engines. The manual states it takes 8 quarts for an oil change and 9 quarts with oil/filter... so it will always be 9 quarts for me when I do oil changes. Wow! That seems like a lot of oil... was my first response. I also have a Reverso pump connected that the original PO had installed when he ordered the boat new from Carver... I'm the second owner. He (the PO) told me he only sucked out 6 - 6.5 quarts every time he did his oil change and it pulls from the oil pan. I hand traced the Reverso lines and they DO NOT go to the bottom of engine... so that part is incorrect. They go to the outside dip stick pipes (Penta's have 2 dip sticks... 1 on each side of engine, i.e., inside and outside for this conversation). When I did my first oil change I too sucked out ~6 quarts. AND since the Reverso line goes to the oil dip stick pipe I'm wondering if the PO, and now me, are leaving 2.5-3 quarts in the oil pan? That's what is driving my crazy... thinking used oil not getting sucked out. NOTE: it only took 6 quarts to fill thereafter... obviously.

Now, doing my online research people are telling me the Penta 8.1 only takes 6 quarts... and the manual is wrong. I know at the next oil change I'll borrow a portable oil sucker and try to confirm I have it all out... but until then... can anyone confirm by their experience (no opinions please) what they actually get out of their 8.1 Pentas.
NOTE: I also contacted Reverso and was told the dip stick option hose length would be determined by the installer (Carver in this case) so if was cut too short that could be the problem.

Thank you for helping me sleep better tonight :)

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View the latest post Location of fuel line shutoff valves

Hi everyone,
I just purchased a 1986 Carver aft cabin, and was wondering if there is a shutoff valve for each gas tank. During my last fill-up, I noticed that one tank was full, and the other was empty. It seemed odd that the tanks didn't consume fuel evenly, Is it supposed to pull fuel from one tank for both engines. Please advise.



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View the latest post Attachment(s) Diagnostic Port Location(?)-2003 Carver 396

I am having issues with my Port engine on my 396. The engine (once started) runs rough at idle, oscillating between 700 and 1000 (Approx) RPMs, Sometimes it will level out for a bit, only to start oscillating again. Once on the water, the engine will not reach 3000; which means my SLOW circuit is activated. I decided to buy diagnostic software from Diacom, along with a few nifty plugs to plug into the EEC to read the codes.

The only problem is, I can't seem to find where this diagnostic port is on my Volvo Penta 8.1 Gi Engine. Does anyone happen to know where it is?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Carvers website??

Hi All! :help: Does anyone know what happened to Carveryachts.com? The last few days I get a 404 error code (see attached). I’m a transporter of oversized boats and have heavily relied upon their website and old brochures with the specs for each model to help accurately quote the cost of over the road transport. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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View the latest post 1988 Carver Santego 3867 38"

Just registered and in the throws of
negotiating the purchase of a Carver Santego 3867

It is coming down to locating the 265 gallon fuel tank..
The current owner does not know her it is and the surveyor could not locate the tank unless he tears out the flooring.
We need advise if possible on where the tank is

She has one fill spout is on the starboard side and one fuel gage and no switch to chage readings so owner says it has only one tank. It has no aft cabin so engines are aft as is the generator.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

R Gault

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