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View the latest post Attachment(s) Electric Power Cat Shuttle

Got to ride my first 100% electric powered boat. This is a perfect application where the runs are short and vessel is parked every evening. About a 20 minute ride at most from the airport to the resort. They can do this 4 times a day (back and forth) without recharging with room to spare. The resort owns 2 of these which is more than enough for all their needs even in the busiest of times. Not sure how fast she can cruise but I doubt not much over my estimated 10 knots we were travelling. Obviously no vibration whatsoever and no noise at all. Pure bliss.

Also comes equipped with solar built in to the roof which helps some but I question the need with such a small amount it produces compared to what is required. They plug in every night when the cat is secured for the evening.

IMHO general boating is far from being ready for electric propulsion however this case is an exception and as mentioned a perfect application with todays battery technology. As battery development gets better, it may rule the boating world one day however I think this will be for the next generation to entertain.



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View the latest post No Power, Might Be Fuses? 4207

Hi everyone, our 1986 4207 is having some electrical issues. It doesn't appear to be our power cord or pedestal. We haven't installed any new appliances but our power keeps tripping. I noticed the amp meter was drawing twice as much amperage as normal before it started turning itself off. It's acting like a blown fuse maybe but it still turns on for a little while, everything runs, and then it trips off again. Has anyone replaced any fuses/switches on the main power panel? Are there any tests you suggest to help us troubleshoot why the power won't stay on? Thank you!

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View the latest post Attachment(s) New Carver owner here can anyone tell me what this is?

I purchased this carver 280 sedan and found a white box on the front of the flybridge that says "lowrance" on it. It seems to be to small to be any kind of radar.... the fishfinder that was with it is a "lowrance global map 1000" since replaced by a garmin. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone had any answers thanks.

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View the latest post Conditioning bronze parts

. . . or something like that. I'm replacing my rudder ports. I need to ensure that the packing nut and jam nut do
not seize to each other and to the port, becoming one big useless lump, as they had previously. Should I apply
dielectric grease to the threads and contact surfaces between the nuts? Anti-seize? Basic bearing grease?
Also, I plan to slack the locking nut and re-grease periodically going forward. How often? Monthly? Annually?

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View the latest post Ft Lauderdale visit

I will be in FT Lauderdale early afternoon, on March 2. Anyone willing to show me their Carver and chit chat about boats? 8-) er

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Lifeline Stanchions

Hi all,

I have a 1988 Carver 3607 aft cabin and I am in need of 3 regular stanchions and also the starboard forward boarding stanchion. Anyone have any or know where to source them? Thanks.


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View the latest post Carver 390 Window reseal and reset

Pulling all the windows on our 1994 Carver 390 - looking for someone experienced in the same before we take this on- thanx, in advance! dc

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View the latest post Blackwater pumpout question

As we're preparing to cross to the Bahamas in a month or so, I have heard some real crazy stories of people paying as much as $135 for a blackwater tank pumpout - and on boats with smaller holding tanks than ours! It seems pumpout locations have become few-and-far-between, and quite expensive if you're in some areas.

Unfortunately we do not have the installed option to pump directly overboard and I don't really have the time to add an overboard discharge system in the time frame I'm working with.

As such, I started looking around and ran across the following:


Seems like an interesting concept in that you can just connect it to your pumpout fitting, drop the discharge hose overboard, hookup electricity and start pumping. (Yes, I'm aware of the 3-mile rule and no discharge zones - this based on the assumption that I'm in an area where overboard discharge is allowed.) :-D

Anyone ever use anything like this or have any other suggestions? My initial concerns are:

1. The discharge hose looks a little small in this particular design, however the pump does macerate so maybe that's not a big deal?

2. It says the pump generates 5ft of suction head, but with the blackwater tanks in the bilge and the pumpout connection on the topside deck, I'm not sure if this will generate the lift necessary to adequately pump out the tank. Thoughts?

If anyone has any other suggestions I'm all ears! Thanks in advance!!


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View the latest post Inverter installation... No wiring schematic!

So I'm wanting to add an inverter/charger and some monitoring capability (as well as a dedicated house bank) to my 1996 455. I think I finally have a grasp on how I want the future system to look, but my problem now is I can't find ANYTHING with any details about how the original electrical system was wired. In the owner's manual for both DC and AC Systems there's a schematics page... But it's blank and says "Not available at time of printing" which is less than helpful. Anybody know where I can find one, or who can at least help me understand where the shore power goes between the inlet on the stern and the breaker panel?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Newby needing advice

Howdy folks, looking for some advice on the following situation: I "inherited" a boat from my uncle....he's not able to enjoying the boating life anymore due to terminal illness and has asked me to sell his boat of him. I'm not a boat savvy so just looking for a ballpark price for what his boat might be worth so I can recognize a decent price when someone offers. Here's what I know about it: 1987 Carver 32', hour meter shows 1272. Gas burner with dual engines and a separate generator. Ran up an down the river with in fall of 23, then we had it winterized by a marine service company who replaced the batteries, replaced all spark plugs, got the generator running again and just a general tune-up (a little over $2k worth of service). I've attached a few pics of it, much appreciation for advice/value!

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