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View the latest post Replacing 3 strand anchor rode with 8-plait?

My 1987 3607 still has its original anchor rode - 5/8" 3 strand and 15' of chain. The windlass is a Good model 5/8. The 3 strand tends to become a "bird's nest" in the rope locker. Untangling the mess doesn't prevent it from happening again. I've read that switching to 8-plait rode can solve the problem but to check with the windlass manufacturer first.

Good Windlass has no information on anyone trying 8-plait so they don't know if it would work with their windlasses.

Has anyone out there tried 8-plait with an older windlass?

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View the latest post 405 Aft Cabin AC Issues

Good Morning!

Let me preface this post by stating I am not a DYI guy. I am trying to do better, but history is not on my side as far as troubleshooting system issues.

So anyway...here we go:

The AC in our 1998 405 Aft Cabin has worked remarkably well for the first month of ownership. It was almost too cold...but has made for excellent sleeping.

This past Saturday, we took her out on the river for about 4 hours. We ran the generator the entire time, as I wanted to get it some exercise. It had not run since we splashed the boat on June 1. We took the boat out again on Sunday, but did not run the generator.

Last night we noticed that the AC performance was nowhere near where it had been. I turned off the ACs at the panel and checked the strainer. It was in the dirtiest I have ever seen it...but I don't think that is saying much. The boat has been out of the slip 4 times. I attributed the lack of cleanliness to running the generator while underway on Saturday. I cleaned the strainer and put everything back together.

When I fired the ACs back up, the forward AC was working as expected. However, the aft AC blows...but with no cold air. I checked port and starboard, and both AC pumps were spitting as expected. I am not sure where the intake is (my manual did not have a diagram), but it does not appear that any vents are being blocked.

So...I am at the end of my rope in troubleshooting. Before I write a check, I was wondering if anyone had run into this issue before?

Sorry for the long post...I just wanted to get as much detail as I know out there.

Thank You in Advance!


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View the latest post Gas fume detector

Hi Everyone! We bought a 1986 Carver 4207 in May. We had a faulty Gas Fume detector & gauge. My husband has ordered another one to replace it. He can’t seem to find where in the bilge the detector is located currently. Any ideas?

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View the latest post Proxy owner

Hello all,
I'm actually Emmett's wife...he's the proud owner of a 79 Santa Cruz, purchased about 2 months ago. I'm the computer literate half of the family so I'm here to research and ask questions on his behalf unless or until he actually feels like he can function out here in the ether. I promise to try not to be the PIA newbie (or is it noob in this forum?) My first chore after this introduction is to hunt any and all manuals, diagrams and specs that I can find on this boat. I have absolutely nothing to offer in return, my apologies to all. Perhaps down the road I'll be a knowledgeable second mate but as of today, I'm just the researcher.

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View the latest post Which Starter on a Crusader Engine

So I have 1995 Carver Santego 310. It has twin Crusader 270 Engines. GM 350 platform I believe. I have velvet drive inboard setup. The starboard engine has been very slow to crank since I bought the boat a year ago. But it always started. I often had to switch over to both batteries to get it started however. This is the first attempt at putting it in the water this year and I started it on land for a few seconds and it ran. But again cranked real slow. I got to the water and it cranked slower and didn't start. So I believe it is time for a new starter on the starboard engine. It was late and getting dark and long story, but it was a very long day. I hastefully decided to leave the boat on the trailer, connected to my truck and rode home with my wife in another car with plans to return today with a starter. However, I didn't bother to look at the starter before I left. I guess i thought it was just going to be a matter of stopping by an auto parts store and picking one up, but obviously I am finding it is not that easy. So now the boat is a couple hours drive away, and I don't know which starter. I am finding several available. But I am not sure which one. I also don't know if I need CW or CCW rotation or how to know. I know it is a starboard engine and I know it has a velvet drive. I have not looked at it in nearly a year, but I am thinking it mounted through the velvet drive bell housing or something like that. I don't think it was under the engine like on most cars. Can anyone point me in the correct directions. I was hoping to not have to tow it home and that will mean another wide load permit in another state. but I am also not sure how long the Marina is going to allow it to sit in their lot, before I launch it. I don't feel safe in putting it in the new slip without both engines... I have been trying to find a mechanic in that area to just go look at it, but so far no luck.

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View the latest post Captain Chair and Pedestal

I need to replace the captain chair and pedestal on my 1987 Carver. My pedestal base is 9.25" and all of the new bases available (that I can find) are 9" base. Does any one make a 9.25" base pedestal that would fit the bolt pattern that I have? I welcome any help.

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View the latest post Rudder water leak

Hi guys! I noticed water around the shaft of the starboard rudder shaft. Port side is dry as a bone. Anyone have this happen? 360 Sport Sedan.
Thanks in advance, Andrew

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View the latest post Carver Santego 3867

Hi all,

I have been fixated on the largest of the Santego's - the 3867.

The one that I like is the one with all the wood inside and the large galley island.

I went to look at this one and even put in an offer.


The engine bay scares the hell out of me! Not sure whats up with all the rust and paint cracking on the 454's, but I see dollar signs flying out of my bank account. Maybe the paint cracking is common?

There was also some bad mildew on the carpeting surrounding the stateroom windows (portholes?) that was concerning.

I like the boat though. Does anyone have experience with these?



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View the latest post Not a Carver Owner


My name is Matt and I'm from Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

I have been keeping my eyes on the various classified sites and the one boat that I've been fixated on is the Carver 3867. There are a few of them for sale in my area.

I was looking for a boat that has sufficient space but also has the potential for year-round liveaboard as that lifestyle intrigues me a great deal. I understand the 80's Carvers had rock solid hulls - truth or fiction?

I will start another thread and post the links to the boats I've been eyeing up!

Happy to have found this place!


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View the latest post Attachment(s) Carver 280 overheating

Hi guys looking for some help and advice please , I have a carver 280 s , 7.3ltr v8 turbo diesel , I have recently got her back in the water / fresh water river in the uk , and I’ve had a few teething issues , she keeps over heating so I investigated and found that the impeller had ripped apart so I fished out the loose/ broken parts out of the pipe work , installed a new one , got it running to find it overheating again , so I re investigated and found that the new impeller had ripped apart again checked the hoses to find they was dry so it has ripped apart due to running dry and no water circulating the engine ! I have checked the inlet in bottem of boat where the water would be sucked up from and that’s clear with no blockage and the water filter was empty so although the inlets clear it isn’t sucking up water ?!! Help please TIA

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