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View the latest post Rod Holders- Mariner

All, Does anyone know if its possible to drill a hole into the rear cockpit sides in order to insert the angled rod holders? I'm more interested in using these to hold a grill but they could be used for rods on occasion...

Just wondering if anyone has seen this on a mid 80's Mariner. The glass seems really thick in this area so I'm not looking forward to drilling to find out this isn't possible/feasible.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) 1998 405 Velvet Drive

I read through the 89 post regarding velvet drives and gained enough insight to simply ask a few questions before proceeding.
So I have the 20-01-005 Velvet Drive as shown. I have put about 75 hours on the boat since I purchased it last summer mainly driving it almost home. Total hours currently are 444 and 435.

Dipstick is showing add at the bottom line which I would call a quart low after sitting a few days. Half way on the stick after it is warmed up.

Is it due for a transmission fluid change?
Some older vehicles never have the fluid changed because they slip after changing the old fluid.
With only 365 hours on a 20 year old boat I have no idea when it was changed last. Since the bottom and top risers were replaced last year, boat was on a monthly maintenance program. I would like to think the fluid was maintained but I really dont know.

It doesnt look burnt, actually pretty clear considering what I would expect it to look like.

So would ya change the fluid? If so I saw Dextron II and straight hydraulic fluid in the post but I wasnt clear on what this unit takes.

If you would change it? How often? Months? Hours?

What should I expect from this unit in the future? I mean known problems and issues that ya may have seen?

I am on a land locked 330,000 acre lake that is 7 by 16 miles so the boat doesnt go far on each of my trips out.

Thanks to everyone for your knowledge and support

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View the latest post Prop Question

I have two blades damaged on a 4 blade 23" prop. The tips curled under and some sections broke off. The damage is all less than 1/2" from the ends. The boat yard said to replace it and the prop guy couldn't do anything. We just finished a list of fixes, so adding another $2000 for a prop hurts. Question: I know props are engineered to match, but if I file edges down smooth making two of the blades less than 1/2" shorter, will the problem be minor or major? I run between 5-7 knots, so if it's a matter of not moving as much water some extra rpm's aren't a big deal. But if it would result in some kind of vibration or wiggle that could cause other damage then obviously it's not worth it. Thank you.

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View the latest post 1996 430 Liveaboard

Hello to all! My wife and I have purchased a 1996 430 about 4 months back and are full time liveaboards in DC. Transitioning from a traditional houseboat to a cruiser.

Look forward to learning about this boat from you fine people.


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View the latest post Removing Sectional in 3807

Hi I have a 1989 3807 Aft Cabin and I need to remove the Sectional couch any ideas- too big to fit through the doors.

Any help would be great.


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View the latest post 1986 Carver 4207

New boat owner here. Most of the text on the dash panel is faded beyond recognition. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could send me a photo of what it is supposed to look like so I don't have to trace every wire back.


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View the latest post What's under your distributor cap?

So last fall the neighbors 7.4L Merc is giving him some hard starting issues. So for shit's and giggles I pull his distributor cap and low and behold the rotor end and everyone of the distributor firing pins is corroded with that green build up scale. So we put a new cap and rotor in and change out all the spark plugs. Starting issue much better. So later this fall I'm changing my oil and filters and for shit's and giggles I decided to pull my distributor cap. Low and behold if my distributor cap and rotor looked as bad as the neighbors along with an accumulated amount of rust dust. So this spring I got new plugs, caps and rotors and went to work on my ignition system. The plugs appeared to all be burning perfect with a medium brown color on every spark plug I examined. Getting the rotors off the shafts was a chore, they had rusted on pretty good. I guess I hadn't noticed a starting issue in my case, though it did seem to take a little longer to fire up each time we went out. So I guess the marrow of the story is, take a look before its a real issue. Since I'm the 4th owner and found no service record of plugs, caps or rotors, for all I know they could have been originals! Question, the caps are I believe the HEI style and they had no gasket on them and the new ones I got had no gasket, but the neighbors cap did have and came with a gasket but yet had a moisture vent in the cap. Should these have a gasket or should we try to seal them with silicone or not? <Crusaders>

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View the latest post New boater in Knox,TN.

We just purchased our first boat, a 1987 3607 aft . We live in Knoxville, Tn. and it would be nice to meet some fellow Carver owners and get advise on places to go on Tellico and Fort Loudon lakes.

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View the latest post Just 1987 3607 Purchased and noticed

We just purchased a 1987 3067 aft and noticed what appears to be old water stains on the v- berth ceiling. What might cause this and what do I need to check, had boat surveyed and surveyor didn't mention it. Wouldn't bother me but I know the boat was used for day boating and fair weather and we plan to use it for weekends and I'm sure we will be getting rained on from time to time.

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View the latest post Single fuel gauge but boat has dual fuel tanks

We just got a 1986 Carver 4207. It has dual tanks, however there is only one fuel gauge. I hate to sound stupid but is this common? Shouldn't there be a gauge for each tank? The one fuel on the dash panel is missing the needle so I have no idea how much fuel I have.

Any help would be great,

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