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View the latest post Water in bilge 3807

So we went to check in the boat today and do some odds and ends. I found the engine compartment had some water around the bilge pump. It’s not pumping in auto. I did find a broken wire laying in the water, but I don’t see a float switch. It’s an Attwood 1500 gph. Not sure why it’s not pumping in auto and not sure where the water is coming from. Both shafts drip a drop about every ten seconds from the packing. Is that normal? Should the bilge be dry? I’d say it was about 2 to 3 gallons over two weeks. I guess I have two questions, 1 bilge pump set up on an 88’ 3807 and 2 is the water issue even an issue?

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View the latest post Malber P21 pump filter

My pump filter no longer seals when I screw it in. Can't imagine finding a replacement sealing ring so I am looking to replace the filter . Malber USA is no longer in existence. Can anyone tell me where I can find Malber parts. I've looked on eBay , Applianceparts.com and everywhere on the internet.

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View the latest post Replacing Bomar deck hatch

The forward deck hatch on my 1987 3607 (in the V-berth) needs to be replaced; the parts person at Marquis gave me a Bomar p/n that Bomar/Pompanette does not recognize and cannot offer a suitable replacement. I really don’t want to cut a larger opening to accommodate the next size larger hatch but am not finding a replacement of any of the common brands (Lewmar, etc.) that call for the same hole size — which I measure to be 20 1/2” square. I’d like to use a lewmar Ocean or something similar if possible. Does anyone have a suggested replacement? Thanks.

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View the latest post Question on overheating repair or replace

My starboard engine is running hotter than my port with some steam coming out, just as the recent post by RickieT . Both engines normally run 160. Crusader 6.0 mpi 2006 with 400 hours.

When I winterized, the starboard engine took a much longer time to empty the antifreeze from the bucket.

I haven’t checked anything yet. I plan to keep the boat. I am planning a trip down to Orange Beach Al from Chattanooga this spring. I will be in salt water for two weeks. I have to fix the problem before I leave. The problem could be an impeller issue, or it could be blockage somewhere. The raw water system has never been replaced on either engine.

Given the age, should I replace the oil cooler, trans cooler, heat exchanger, exhaust and elbows along with hoses as a maintenance item? Or should I get the Heat exchangers boiled out and pressure tested and go with the old, along with the new on other parts?

Should I find the problem, fix it, and replace the rest next fall instead of this spring? This will be the only time I will have the boat in salt water for the foreseeable future.

Qualitative discussion in part, but would like opinions. Thanks!

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View the latest post Ready For Her Winters Nap

There she is ready for whatever winter may toss her way.


Waiting for spring to arrive.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Underwater lights opinions

Hello Carver World. Hope y'all can chime in and tell me if I am headed in the wrong direction. Was thinking of installing underwater lights designed to fit in the drain plug hole. Got some info from a mechanic friend of mine that the output was very cone shaped and not what most people appreciated. He recently installed 2 sets of lights that were very economically priced. The owner of the boat is extremely happy. The lights are TH Marine Xenon Extreme. Not very big, 3 1/2" X 1 1/2", priced under $40 each. I am very close to installing a pair, with a bracket to attach to each trim tab. Anybody out there with a set up like this, that can provide additional info/opinion? It seems I can get this install done at less than $200 all in. Seems way too cheap. I only want light at my stern while in port, just for the cool effect, single color. Don't care about night time light up of wake, as I rarely cruise at night. Marinas here are very clean, clear water. Do these lights perform better in clear water, or brackish water so there is reflection? The owner referenced above is in water with a lot of algae. He claims he is getting light extending 10 feet behind his boat. He really appreciates the fact that they are lighting up fish as he gets them close to landed, but still a few feet under water. Much easier to use net in the dark. Thoughts and opinions on lights? :help:

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View the latest post 2000 C530 Bilge Blowers

I inspected my bilge blowers today - on the C530 there are a total of 4 - 2 each port and starboard. With the ignition key "on" I noticed that 1 blower comes on each site - and it's the outside fan on both port & starboard. The 2nd fan does not come on. I then started the engines - and only 1 blower on each side remains on. I have not been able to see all 4 bilge blowers running at once.

All breaker switches on turned on. The C530 does not have a bilge blower switch - they come on automatically when engine is started.

Does anyone know how the bilge blowers are supposed to work? Should all 4 come on at start up? Is there some type of temp control that activates the 2nd fan on each side?

Thanks - any insight greatly appreciated!


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View the latest post 1.5" aluminum shaft anodes for sale.

I have 6 martyr 1.5" aluminum shaft anodes for sale, brand new never used.
I will sell them for $40.00 shipped to you. If shipping is more than $40.00 price will equal shipping cost.

Let me know if you can use these.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Carver 355 Port Side Bunk bed in forward stateroom

I am looking at several Carver boats for sale and a few of the Carver 355/356's have an extra bunk in the forward state room. It is on the port side and it is above the level of the standard full size bed (see pic). Does anyone know if this is an after market item that could be possibly purchased, an option that was added when new, or a custom build that someone put in? Thanks for any insight!

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View the latest post At my wit’s end! Carver 390 CPMY outside outlet dead!

Hi Guys!

Hope you can help: I have a 1994 Carver 390 CPMY. It’s Christmastime, and I have lights up on my boat. I’d like to simply plug them into the outside outlet that’s on the sun deck (port side, just to the left of the sliding companionway door), but the outlet is dead. It’s pretty badly corroded from rainwater intrusion that got in around the weathertight cover, but when I removed the outlet and tested the wire for power to the outlet - nothing!

All other outlets on the boat are working fine, so it doesn’t appear to be a tripped breaker on the 120v panel or one of the GFCI outlets having tripped. I cut off the old spade terminals and stripped 1/4” of new conductor off the 3 wires (white/black/green), and they look fine.

I can’t believe the wire itself is bad, but if it isn’t a breaker or a GFCI, what can it be? I had assumed this particular outlet was on the same circuit as all the outlets on the port side, and wired in series downstream of the 120v outlet on the port side of the master stateroom, but when I pulled the cover of that outlet to look in the back, I saw there was just one cable going into it.

I have attempted tracing the exterior outlet cable, but I lost it when it appears to drop into the engine bay and gets lost among all the other cables.

The wiring diagram in the Carver owners manual is very general, and doesn’t show the schematic of the individual outlets.

So help! Can anyone shed some light on this? It’s kind of a pain in the ass to run an extension cord into the cabin to run my Xmas lights. I’d really like to get my outside outlet working again.


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