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View the latest post Hello! New here.

Hello all. I am new to the group and the new owner of a 1989 Carver 3227 Convertible. I look for forward to learning about these great yachts and hopefully getting to know other owners.

All the best,

Pacifically Ours

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View the latest post aft bilge pump

i have a 2008 Mariner 350.
my breaker for the aft bilge pump keeps tripping.
went to look at but cant really get to it. it is behind the generator. i can see it (barely) but cannot get to it.
any suggestions?

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View the latest post Grounding, Not Good

Saturday the 13th was a disaster. I was on an unfamiliar lake cruising to a destination via plotter as usual doing About 8 knots when I see a blue coloured shallow area coming up on the map. No problem, says 6'8" on the chart. So I continue on, crunch and crunch again and again. WTF, pulled back to neutral at the first sound, was in 2' of water on a rock shoal. :cry: Boat was stuck there held in place by the props. Had my wife and guests move to the bow as I lifted the swim platform while standing in the water trying to get her free which I managed to do. Jumped in fired her up and put her in gear, squeal, squeak from port and a nice vibration happening. :angry:

We carried on to our destination which was 10 mins away and anchored with friends. Checked his plotter only to find out the shoal is well identified and marked as 1"3" WTF.

Next day we inched towards home which took us over 12hrs and 2 seaway locks. Managed to get a hold of my mechanic who will work on evaluation and parts. Contacted my haul out guy who met us there as we pulled in at 8PM last evening who hauled us into a large storage facility.

I had no clue what to expect as I was hoping the rudders were still in place. Bottom line is it is bad but there seems to be no structural fibreglass damage. Forget the props, they are toast, struts are bent about 30 degrees along with the shafts. Definitely some work to do.

So what happened, how can I get grounded with a lifetime of experience behind the helm? Needless to say I worked on all the setting of my plotter on the 12+ hour trip back. Noticed many if not all all the lest than 3' depth figures were missing on my main plotter but not my small plotter. How can this be. They large plotter is the master and the small one is the slave which get there chart information from a single card in the Master plotter. I checked all setting comparing each one, everything was perfect yet no shallow figures on the chart. As a last resort I did a factory reset of the main plotter. Guess what, all the little numbers now show up.

I am the type who does not claim insurance however this on is going to get pricey and this is why we have insurance, just hoping parts are readily available. Did luck out with my mechanic as he returned from vacation yesterday. :-D

Hoping to be out for only a couple of weeks but who knows. Am heading there this morning to pull props and set things up for the mechanic. Will post some pictures of the damage.

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View the latest post SOS Boat Relocation

Ahoy! Seems as though I’ve been bitten twice, by the same broker. Staten Island Yacht Sales. Not quite the above board type broker, but that’s another story. I am now have an offer on a 506 (2001). (Dream boat)
We will need to relocate from the Great Lakes to the east coast.

Now the delema! I’ve NEVER taken that route. Need some Looper Help. I can’t get a straight answer on total height. 20’2” to 20’10” on the 506 so where do I go with this. A tape measure, ladder and some friends, oh and a Crain might do. What are the height requirements to not take the long way?
Past Nova Scotia. (I’m not sure if that’s even spelled right?).

Captains I’ve spoken too have three answers. Yup, nope and we might have to take the arch off!
WTF doesn’t anyone who says they do this know?

What’s the best route?
I’m figuring 12 - 14K with a captain who says he does this. He has said we need accurate numbers. Antenna, dish, array and lights.
There may be a high water level issue as well
Please message me, direct me whatever I need to know soon
Do I need a tape measure, friends and a crane?
Larry. NY,

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View the latest post RPM loss on return trips

twin 350XL Crusaders on our 32' Voyager. Last two weekends on our return trip from our favorite anchorage, port engine dropped to 3600rpm from normal 3800-4000 for 30 minute trip. All gauges reading normal no CE lights ran at 3600 steady but would not go higher. Trip out in the morning normal, actually brought to 4100 to see if I could recreate and ran great. Starboard engine fine. Two separate fuel tanks.


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View the latest post Carver Mariner 350 (454’s) fuel burn

I just got back from a trip with our Carver Mariner 350. The Mariner has 454’s, full tank of water (100 gallons) and full gas tanks (250 gallons) The trip was about 36 miles long. I cruised in fairly flat water at 3,200 - 3,400 rpm at 20 mph. I burned about 1/3 of my 250 gallons.

According to my calculations I burned about 85 gallons of gas. Making about 2.36 gallons a mile.

Does this seam about right for my setup? Should I be running faster or slower?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) anchor locker drain/vent

We have a drain/vent in the anchor locker which is dripping a fair amount of water into the creek. Inspected the locker - the drain/vent is mounted high on the port side and the water is traveling up to get to the drain/vent. The white hose connected to the drain/vent is 1/2 inch(?) which goes down towards the bottom of locker and is hidden by hevac tubes. Can't tell where the hose goes to.

This has me stumped for any number of reasons including the water traveling up!

Comments, causes and cures welcome.

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View the latest post False CO alarm?

Boat is '89 3607. Woke up last night in the marina to all 3 co detectors going off displaying around 55 ppm. No engines were running on the boat or around me. Any ideas on what would cause it?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Salon Cabinet

All, I'm preparing to replace my salon AC unit, original 1984 Cruisair 16k unit, that's installed inside the wet bar cabinet in my 3697.

Does anyone have experience with taking this cabinet apart to remove the AC unit? I can see screws and angle brackets inside but not enough that it makes sense how the unit could come out....

Any help appreciated.


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View the latest post new auto pilot system

Hello Everyone, We have just purchased a 2000 Carver 404, and will upgrading the original chart plotter and are considering adding an auto pilot as well. Would really appreciate advice on which auto pilot to go with. We will be doing all of our boating between Lake Simcoe, and Georgian Bay. We can expect 5 foot waves at times, but usually we are in fairly calm water. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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