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View the latest post buying a boat, help to choose!

Looking for a boat for my wife. Basically, something small to go back and forth from Glendale docks to Welch. Pretty much decided on a Boston Whaler but am torn between the 150 Super Sport and the 150 Montauk.

I'm thinking the side console of the supersport might make it easier for her to dock than the center console of the Montauk.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these that can offer some advice?

Also, does the Montauk have a self-bailing hull?? I know the Super Sport does and this is a must for us.


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View the latest post Our first "significant" trip in our 530 Voyager

I'm getting very excited! A week from this coming Saturday, we will depart for our first long trip in our new-to-us 530. We will be traveling down the Ohio from Aurora, IN (near Cincinnati, OH) to Kentucky Lake and then back. We've planned 5 days going down, 4 days there to enjoy the lake over the Fourth of July weekend, and 6 days to return. That gives us a two day buffer for any issues, about 900 miles round trip.

We've been shaking down the boat since getting in the water this spring and think we've got everything resolved (knocking on wood here). Fresh full service on motors (TAMD74P), transmissions and gennie. I've got a huge tote of replacement filters, spare coolant and oil, spare impellers, two large 27" ball fenders for the locks, a large tool set, paper charts, rum, wine and music. What else would you suggest that I'm overlooking?

It'll be me and my admiral, and my long time Carver-owning parents on the boat. A capable crew, and good help.

Did I mention I'm excited?!! Haha :drunk:

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View the latest post Which boat do I choose?

Hi Guys, thanks for allowing me in, hopefully you can help me with my choice of boat...

Little background, we are looking to long term live aboard while cruising the Caribbean starting later this year and are currently based in the UK

We have narrowed our search to two boats, Carver 530 Voyager Pilothouse or a (hope this isn't swearing around here...) Sea Ray 560 Sedan Bridge

There's a lot we like about both boats, but your advice and recommendations are going to be key to our next stage. Nobody in the UK is selling either of these models, so we will need to fly to the US to view them both before deciding. So we want to be fully armed with questions for owners/ brokers and things to look out for on used boats (we are looking at around 1999-2002 models which both fit our price range. The other issue is finding an area which has one of each for sale (so far they are hundreds of miles apart, meaning a mini tour of the USA by plane just to check out boats (ok, so maybe not that much of a hardship...)

Bearing in mind that as a couple this is our new permanent home, there's only so much you can find out from the internet, pictures and video. Real life experience of both brands as you guys have, will be invaluable!

So, flood me with advice please! Why should I choose the Carver over the Sea Ray? Which is actually more comfortable? Are there engine types I should avoid? What inherent issues should I check for? The more info the better!! Obviously we will get a proper survey prior to purchase, but great to be able to ask brokers the right questions to rule out some boats as just not worth it

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing your wisdom


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View the latest post Question regarding cruising rpm's

Hi folks,
I just got back from a trip and ran my 6.0 Crusader's around 3200 rpm to 3400 rpm's. The Mariner weights about 9 tons.
I mentioned this to a friend and he said that I was nuts running over 3k. He said that car engines never run that high and the I will probably shorten the life of the motors.
On my last boat which was a 34 ft express cruiser weighing in at about 13,000 lbs, I never ran the 454's over 3,000 rpm's. I sold her with over 2,000 hours and never had to rebuild the motors.
Am I pushing it at 3200 to 3400? Thanks for your thoughts.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Is this the right manual?


New here. Please be gentle. :-)

I've got a pair of Volvo Penta AQ225Ds in a 3007 from 1982. The boat's been sitting idle for a few years and it's time to service the engines. Before even attempting to start up, I'll obviously be draining and replacing the oil and petrol, and putting in fresh batteries. I'm hoping it just needs the usual bits of maintenance. There's a small instruction book that gives a list of things to check, but I think I need something a bit more detailed.

So, I've been going nuts with finding a service manual. I found a Volvo one - http://volvopenta.store.elanders.com/de ... id:7733511 - but they give a despatch date nine days away, and from Germany! I'd rather get moving on this sooner.

I think I've now got one from Clymer, Volvo Penta Stern Drives, 1968-1993 so my engines should be in there - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Clymer-Wo...r/401726230008

But going to the Clymer website - https://clymer.co.uk/volvo-penta-ste...1968-1993-b770 - I'm not so sure.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 13.46.08.jpg

Can anyone cofirm that this is the correct manual?

Cheers! :pirate:

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View the latest post Tranny Chatter

Anybody experiencing this or have? Low RPMs on starboard motor, 690-1100, lots of chatter from the starboard transmission goes away after 1200 RPMs and runs smoothly. I’m going to have a pro check it out but wondered if anybody had a similar thing. Came up on the survey last year but has not been an issue to date. Seemed louder the other night but it was quiet out and didn’t have the radio so I’m not sure if it’s an increase in chatter or I’m was more aware. Headed from Racine Wi to Door County WI next week for a month long trip so I’m a little concerned.

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View the latest post Carver 530 Bonding System

Does anyone having any idea on how many and where all the important ground points are to check my bonding system?

I am having some electralists and have been advised to checking my bonding system.

Thanks for any info that would be helpful on where to start and what to do!

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View the latest post Rate of fuel burn on my trip

Hi folks. I just got back from a one week cruise from western Long Island Sound up the Hudson River, ending at the junction of the Erie Canal and Mohawk River. It was the first time that I was that far north on the river and this proved to be a great adventure!
In general, I was running her between 3200 and 3400 RPM's for a good portion of the trip. Cruising speed, depending on current and weather conditions was around 17 to 19 mph. My average burn rate was 20 - 22 GPH.
In my mind I think that's pretty good considering that I am moving 18,000 lbs around at a relatively quick pace.

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View the latest post Marine Fridge 12V vs Regular 115V with inverter

Ok Guys, I discovered the fridge on my 38 convertiable was 115v only (must have been replaced by previous owner or maybe never was 12v) after my first year of use. I like to have my fridge working when im out and im not running the generator all the time to do it.

I can buy a bar fridge many places for cheap and put it on an inverter. The whole package might cost $450. When i looked at the dedicated marine 12v fridge they are like $1200 !!

Has anyone used a regular fridge on an inverter?? If so how does it work for you on battery power? Has anyone had both that they can compare. What are some of the more efficent models out there for in 12v.??


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View the latest post Attachment(s) TV replacement

I took a cue From SMcGuckins post on replacing his TV. Here is how I went about it. A little different than his approach but worked for me. I was able to pull the trim off and cut it to size. This also enabled me to take out the old TV and it’s mount. The first picture shows the opening with one side cut. I also cut the other side. A 32“ TV fits well in my case. I cut the trim around the old TV so that just the top and bottom were put back on. The image of the new cabinet is blurry.





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