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View the latest post new auto pilot system

Hello Everyone, We have just purchased a 2000 Carver 404, and will upgrading the original chart plotter and are considering adding an auto pilot as well. Would really appreciate advice on which auto pilot to go with. We will be doing all of our boating between Lake Simcoe, and Georgian Bay. We can expect 5 foot waves at times, but usually we are in fairly calm water. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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View the latest post Marine Air Systems 'HHH' error code

The air conditioner in my forward stateroom will start in cooling mode for about 5 minutes and then shut itself down while displaying HHH on the control panel that I assume is some kind of error code. Is anyone familiar with this and what I need to do to resolve it?

Thanks in advance!

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View the latest post Attachment(s) 1994 390CPMY w/Kohler 6.5

Interesting few days. We were on a mooring for a few days and the last day when I started the genset, the contactors would buzz, but not switch in. So I opened the top section of the panel, nd with a rubber tipped implement, pushed the contacts in and all was well. I suspected the contactors. I got a couple from AMAZON that I was directed to from a previous post here. Today I swapped one out, wire by wire, and when I started the Genset, It would start, but nothing at the contactor for switch over, and the minute I let go of the start switch, the genset died. It would restart, but then died as it mad no contact. I have ordered the original equipment DELTROL contactor that is made in the USA to also try rather than the made in CHina ones I got the previous day.

I checked the fuses on the unit, and the 10A glass one for CHARGE was blown. I shut off breaker on unit and same thing, it would start and not stay running once I let go of the switch. I did have the entire cover off to add coolant and check oil. The GENSET has been very reliable until this past weekend, and it has 225 hours on it. I am wondering what may have happened? I will remove the entire cover again tomorrow and see if I knocked a wire off or something silly. However, I am also puzzled why the unit wont stay running even if I have the breaker on the GENSET shut off.

Always something. I would welcome any comments that may evoke some thought for me!

Be well and stay "charged"!

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View the latest post When Boating Authorities Don't Protect Us.

I recently traveled the ICW from Charleston, SC to North Myrtle Beach. My trip was after the fourth of July and appeared to be an uneventful trip except for the fact that my generator decided for the 1st time not to start, leaving me without air conditioning for my voyage northward. The run took me 12 hours of leisurely cruising and placed me unplanned about 1.5 hours past sunset before I arrived at my destination. The trip was fine until 10 PM when I passed the SCDNR about 1/4 mile from my destination when I did not see a poorly placed and unlit no wake sign. Once I noticed it with my bow spotlight, I immediately went to idle speed from 3 knots before passing a SCDNR boat and verbally apologized to the officers noting the unlit stretch of ICW I was trans-versing was difficult to see. To late.... after I continued for a while the SCDNR boat was aft and ordering me to stop my boat for boarding. It was relayed that I felt unsafe to stop at that point due to the poor lighting condition, a narrow channel and low tide with limited maneuverability of a 40' Carver. Never the less I was ordered to stop for boarding so I did. As soon as the officer boarded, my vessel had drifted and I became entangled in fallen trees below the waterline to Starboard and had a large tree about 10 feet off my bow that the tide and entanglement were placing me near. The officer immediately ordered me to reverse the boat and had the second officer manning the SCDNR boat move away. When I attempted, my props struck something hard so I was unable to move. I then asked the officer if they could throw a line to my aft end to pull me free with no further damage but that was refused as they said they could not. The officers then offered to call for a tow while the one asked for identification to issue a written warning, the other appeared to disagree and wanted to issue a citation for excessive wake.

The problem here was that the SCDNR placed my vessel and family in an unsafe condition as they determined the time and location of the stop. I am a career retired law enforcement officer, and whether you are on the road or on the water the initiating officer assumes all responsibility for your safety when a stop is initiated. This includes your re-entry to the flow of traffic as well. As an example, if an officer stops your car and at the conclusion of his/her business turns emergency lights off and leaves you on the side of the road, and you are involved in an accident re-entering traffic. The officer is negligent as they did not take proper action to protect you after placing you in harms way. Same on the water. In my case, I advised the SCDNR boarding officer of this when I identified myself as a retired L/E Officer. While he did not disagree with me, he stated that he was just going to forget the warning and/or citation this time and once my boat floated to a position where I was able to clear my running gear. They were off the boat and heading south. I believe by not documenting the stop, this was done so that no paper trail of the contact was documented in their records.

Public safety officials play a crucial role on a waterway responding to distress calls and other emergencies. However poorly trained officials, or ones that feel they are beyond reproach only increase the dangers to the boating community with bad decision making lacking a common sense approach to those they are sworn to protect.

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View the latest post Autopilotpump type determination

1994 390 CPMY with the original RayPilot 650. I am upgrading and need to know how I can determine if I have a Type 1 or a Type 2 pump? Any input?

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View the latest post Carver White Paint

The radar beam on my 1985 Carver 36 is peeling. Does anyone know where I can get the correct paint?

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View the latest post Adding a Second House Battery

I have a total of four batteries, 3 starting and 1 house. It seems I'm asking to much of my new AGM house battery so I might add one more house battery. Is it as simple as securing a second battery properly, wiring + to + and - to- from the current house battery? I have an 80amp charger for the current house battery so is that enough and will it charge both with the simple wiring I laid out above? I have an additional 30amp charger for the starting batteries that I'm sure is isolated to those only.

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View the latest post Low Battery Warning

Quick ?, should my alternators charge my house battery? Almost all of my electronics on the bridge are powered by the house battery which is the largest AGM available and brand new. I have 2 12" MFDs, autopilot, radar, stereo with amp, VHF w/AIS and fridge all running while under way. Yesterday did a two hour cruise stopped for 3 hours with everything off but the fridge and radio on with no music playing. After about an into the hour cruise home with everything back on I received a low battery message on my MFD. I Fired up the genny and of course the charger kicked in at high amps for the initial charge and Agradecida was happy again.

By the way Fayette Michigan is a fantastic harbor and cool place to see. Brand new docks with power. Make sure to hit Sherry's Port bar. Its about a mile walk south past the cemetary for cheep beer. Not a culinary delight but nice walk and very friendly people.

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View the latest post Cruising costs

Just a little calculation.
2004 360ss, 2x 8.1 VP's
50 hours, 302 liters used (80 US gallons).
Cost= $412 Canadian.
=$1.36 a liter.
6.04 liters per hour , equals, $8.21 per hour to putt around in this boat.
This boat is cheaper to run than my other boat, a Rinker 280ec with 1 x 8.1 Merc.

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View the latest post ecu losing voltage

Hello my name is Mike and my wife and I are not new to boating but new to the yachting side. We have a 1996 320 voyager with twin 350 crusaders. We are frustrated at the moment due to the starboard engine dies randomly. Here is what I have done and found so far, installed new OEM electric fuel pump, new OEM anti syphon valve, new ECU unit. On to the trouble shooting part, at this time I have wired in a green light from the ECU to the fuel pump so I know when it looses voltage. Once it looses voltage you can turn the key off for a minute or so and restart the engine just fine, it may stay running for a minute or the rest of the day. At this time I feel like the problem is before the ECU and that's where I need advise on what to check next. I have cleaned what grounds I can reach and wiggled what wires I can reach as well, I keep hearing people comment of fuel and ignition relays but I can not fine them. I want to say thank you in advance for your all's help.

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