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View the latest post 1995 Carver 325 Propeller shaft size and zincs advice

Carver 325 -Should I have zincs on my propeller shafts? what is the shaft size 1.5 inch? I do have a transom zinc. Any advice is appreciated. I have twin crusader 350's

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View the latest post Sideshift bow thruster

Hi folks,

I have seen this topic discussed in other threads but hoping to have a focused discussion on the Sideshift bow thruster specifically.

My previous boat was a 39’ aft cabin with twin diesels, no bow thruster. I found the torque of the diesels allowed me to put the boat anywhere I needed it to go but, on occasion, wished I had a bow thruster during adverse conditions. The boat was a big sail and I’m surrounded by locks. My new to me boat has less area above the waterline but is 47’ LOA. It has 24” props with 496 gasers so thinking there should be enough power to push it around in tight quarters however trying to plan ahead to avoid a premature visit to purgatory with my admiral. For Sideshift owners...was the investment worth it versus traditional tunnel thruster? A bow thruster in my neck of the woods is $15-20k whereas I can install Sideshift for $7k all-in

I appreciate your thoughts.

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View the latest post Introduction

Hi. My name is Dustin and I've been a boataholic for 20 yrs. I just sold a Trojan F-32 and have a Trojan/Carver in contract. The new boat is a 99 360 Express. I just thought I'd say hi and introduce my self.

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View the latest post Raw\Fresh cooling system

As some of you know, a mechanic sank my boat in June, still working the courts.
I plan to get another Carver Mariner 350, but they are few and far between on the west side.
I’m considering purchasing from land locks states the middle.
Problem I’m seeing is most are raw-water cooled, which means I would need to add a fresh-water cooling system. So as I’m on the same page…
Raw = pumping external water through engine. Fresh = pumping antifreeze through engine

Any thing I should consider\watch out for?

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View the latest post Off season therapy

Hello All! Boating season is behind us in the Midwest, Great Lakes area. I was going to post a picture of our first snow fall, but just could not do it. ANYWAY, seeing as we can't throttle up, I thought I would just start a conversation about whatever. Seems like most of the posts here a a little old, not relative to the therapy we all need to get through the non-boating season. Maybe we can arrange get togethers in convenient gathering regions, so we can do what boaters do - talk smart & lie. ( Just kidding ) We all have different boating styles/habits, and it would be fun to share that stuff. I keep my boat in Menominee MI. On the border of Upper MI, and Wisconsin. I live 12 mi from the Carver factory, now Marquis-Larson Boat Group, and have some excellent resource contacts at Carver. Their customer service group is really very good. The biggest reason I slip in Menominee, is the quality of the marina, the staff, and because we are literally 13 to 20 miles from one of the most beautiful boating areas in the USA. That being Door County, WI. Takes us just 40 to 75 mins to go to any one of many recreational ports. Sturgeon Bay, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay, Ephriam, Gills Rock, Washington Island, Rock Island, all on the bay side of Door County. Each of these destinations have multiple marina options, or anchorages that rival anywhere in the world. Half way between the two coasts, for those of you who have beverage break requirements, is Chambers Island. But really, if you need that break, you really need to have a talk with yourself. I am fortunate enough to be retired, but work very part time at a marine store. That allows me to try out all kinds of marine products as a "test facility". Fun to give advice to new mariners, and have them come back and rave above the performance of the product. Enough for now...hope to hear from other boaters. If you plan any trips to my area, I am happy to be your tour guide. Always great fun to boat in groups!

Cooler By The Lake

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View the latest post Pressure check on closed cooling side

Hi, my new to me 410SS has a small leak on the closed cooling side. I see some drips in behind the heat exchanger and would like to pressure check the system to see if I can pinpoint the leak. I have mercury horizon 496 with the coolant reservoir. I have a Stant pressure tester but don’t have the correct adapter to fit on the reservoir cap, wondering if anyone has any ideas? I have contacted Stant to find out what the correct adapter would be, just wondering if anyone has similar issue and what the remedy was. Thx!

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View the latest post Question about using the generator

Alright, this may be the winner for dumbest question of the week. We are finally ready to move our new (to us) 3807 from one side of the state to the other, to get it close to home. Looks like it will be about a two day trip. Wife has come up with a menu that will require mostly heating with a microwave, but maybe a little oven work too. Is it ok to run the generator and be in the galley cooking while underway? Additionally, should we run with the forward hatch open for fresh air? Previous owner said he never operated from the lower helm so he didn’t know about all the exhaust and air current stuff you read about.

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View the latest post 454 TBI XL Recommended Spark Plugs and Timing

Changed the plugs at the beginning of the year, but the mechanic thinks I may have fouled them out running that bad gas through the motor. I installed RV8C's, copper plus, marine plugs, mostly because they came with the boat. I'll probably use an NGK plug next year, after I get my issues worked out. Pulling a plug from either motor shows that they're both running a bit rich. I have them gapped at 0.040. Recommendations online range from RV8C to RV12C for my motors, 0.035 gap. Wondering if I should go to a hotter plug, or leave it a little rich. Plug isn't wet, just a little black and sooty.

Fairly confident that my issue isn't fuel related at this point, unless its in the throttle body (possibly a plugged injector). The left injector has a slightly different spray pattern and an occasional "drip" vs mist, but it seems to be getting enough fuel, if not a bit rich.

I checked the timing, the port motor reads 14 degrees at idle (around 750), the STBD motor reads 18. When you swap the timing plug to set timing the boat idles slower (around 500) and timing goes down to around 10-12 for the port motor, and is around 14-16 for the STBD motor. The STBD motor is the motor that's giving me trouble (popping through the carb under load, and at random). The rotator/top side of the distributor (forgot the name of the gear looking piece at the top that usually wears out) does not have any play. The dist. gear and/or thrust washer at the bottom of the distributor has a small amount of play. As a result timing varies +/- 2 degrees on the starboard motor, but mechanic says it shouldn't be enough to give us the issue we're having. The advance for the Port motor goes up to around 36 degrees full advance, but the Starboard motor goes up to around 45. Seems way high. (changed the cap and rotor as well, rotor had a mild amount of corrosion)

Any idea as to why, or how to correct it?

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View the latest post Looking for 530 owners. A few questions.

G'morning all.

We are preparing to buy our next boat and retire to a cruising lifestyle. We're largely "off-gridders" who prefer to drop a hook in a quiet cove somewhere. At the very top of our list is the 1999 to 2006 530 Voyager Pilothouse with Cummins 6CTA engines. I've read all of the manuals, toured the factory, and been aboard a couple of 530s that were for sale. At this point, we'd really like to get some information from actual owners about their actual use and experiences.

1. What engines do you have?

2. At what speeds do you normally run your boat, on plane or more like a trawler at seven or eight knots?
2a. What has been your fuel burn rate at those speeds?

3. During a cruise, do you anchor out (or mooring ball) or spend most nights in a marina?

4. For those that travel slow and anchor out, how is the side-to-side roll when underway compared to other boats you've been on or traveled with? (of course, wind and current and other boat traffic is a major factor)

5. Have you ever crossed over to the Bahamas? If so, how fast did you go across the Gulf Stream?

6. Any issues with the boat that you would consider a flaw with the model? For example, have you had any issues with windows or hatches leaking?

Thanks for any details.


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View the latest post prep for elegance install

Well today was the day we picked, warm under the tarp, cold and damp in the boat though, but......Went to remove the old electric macerator pos noise maker. Hard to believe you could get excited about toilets but with this one I am thrilled it is out and in a garbage bag in the garage.The hardest part was cutting the white discharge hose.We will put all new, all cleaned up and ready for the spring..... :down:

Now have to bide my time, be patient and watch amazon for a marine elegance on sale deal, I am now hooked after the charger steal. :-D

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