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View the latest post New Boat 466/506 ?

Hi everyone hope you had a great weekend,
Renovatio NY here. I’m jelious no boat decision yet.
I’m stuck. We have the option and my wife is OK with which is the most important part . We have the choice between a 2001 Carver 466 and eight 2001 506. Both seem to be without major problems both seem to be very close in price.
The 466 has the 6K engines 1200 hrs, while the 506 has the Volvo 12 engines 600 hrs freash water always.
The 506 has both bow and stern thruster, while the 466 has bow thruster only but has a brand new H4 satellite tv and some minorly newer electronics still on the outdated side.

My wife kind of likes the fact that the 466 it has removable isinglass while the 506 the aft deck is fully enclosed . I like the look of the 506 better and told her we could have the rear windows removed and put eisenglass if it made a big difference for her . She likes the openness.

So this is where I need you without stupid comments please. I get enough of them from my own friends is there or do you see a benefit in either boat.
Our hopes are to spend our summers in New York will fall in North Carolina and be in the Bahamas in the winter .

Help! (SOS). I’m stuck don’t know which way to go :usa:

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View the latest post Attachment(s) ETA Circuit Breakert

I was running some wires through the area of the Battery disconnect switch, and when I was replacing the panel, a pole broke off of one of the ETA 50A circuit breakers. I know I am a bit needy lately, but does anyone have a source for these? I saw some on EBAY but not exact match ups. It was an ACC breaker, and 50 AMPS. Attached is a photo of the numbers on the side. It appears to be sistered up to the 60A breaker next to it. Thanks again, the wealth of knowledge here is outstanding!

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View the latest post Hinging the radar arch

We love our 450 voyager, but she is too tall to make The Great Loop. Has anyone hinged their arch?

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View the latest post AC not keeping up

New owner of 1994 320 Voyager. Equipped with Marine Air System 16K to run on shore power. Boat had been sitting on the hard until July 3rd. Marine air appeared to work initially and cooled the boat to 77 degrees according to digital display when outside temp was 91. Today it is struggling to maintain 85 with outside temp of 91. Owners manual for the AC was not with the boat. Any and all guidance is very much appreciated.

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View the latest post 96 355 Aft - Kohler Gen not firing up!

Hello All! Looking for some input here. Gen is not firing up and the canister fuel filter is dang near empty? Is this a fuel pump issue?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) 454XLi exhaust manifold replacement 96 Carver 400


I have a '96 carver 400 with the 'little' big blocks. Crusader 7.4 XLI :-P

I think these are the original 96 manifolds. And I got a hole in one or the gasket is shot. I dont know because i took ownership in 2016. I purchased two Crusader manifolds and elbows, bolts, gaskets, etc. Its the one under the couch so it didn't get much attention.

I need some advice on the port engine, the elbows / manifold closest (And i mean close) to the fuel tank. I already soaked the elbow bolts and nuts with PB blaster and anticipate breaking the bolts. I already put a 9/16 wrench in them and doubled up with a 3/4 wrench. Would not budge. I didn't want to go too far and ruin something before the PB had time to set in. All the old parts are going to the recycler.

Here are my plans:

1) Remove the fuel computer and mount
2) Remove and hoses and drain antifreeze into a bucket
3) Remove the elbows and loosen the exhaust pipe and disconnect

The next part I really don't want to mess up with a broken bolt in the head.

4) Remove the exhaust manifold.

#4 - What do you do for extracting the manifold? At this point I just have 8 bolts to remove. I cant see down there. But I just spray the manifold bolts with PB.

Any other bits of advise? Maybe warm it up a little and break them loose with a breaker bar? On the fittings that screw into the manifold is there something I need to use, other than Teflon, to seal it?



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View the latest post Microwave electrical and generator

Ok, this is becoming an ongoing issue. As mentioned in other posts, I installed an Promariner 2000 watt PS inverter last year with a new battery bank. We run the outlets on the boat through the inverter, which includes the circuit for the microwave. That may or may not have anything to do with the problem.

We are having a problem with what I would call an amperage surge with the microwave. When we have the microwave on for more than a couple of minutes, the amps surge from 14 amps to over 30 and if it is on shore power, the microwave breaker cuts it off. When we were on generator (Kohler 7.3e) power for the 4th, we had the two AC’s (original equipment) on and started heating food up to serve. Two minutes into cooking, the generator started laboring, the microwave light dimmed, and shortly after the generator quit. We waited twenty minutes, tried again with one AC on and started heating food again, and the generator was surging (laboring) again, so we cut it off.

I have noticed when at anchor, when I start the gennie, the amperage on the battery charger side of the panel goes up to close to 20 amps until the new bank is “assessed” and then drops down gradually as the batteries receive the first step charge. This may have happened on the second generator start try. The first time the generator had been running for about three hours when it started struggling with the AC and microwave load.

I said all of that to ask this. Based upon the description, do you guys think it is the wiring or outlet to the microwave, or the microwave itself? The microwave is supposed to pull 14 amps and is the old Kenmore with the side coffee pot (which we don’t use). It is a 1200 watt generator that is original to 2006. Any help or thoughts would really be appreciated!

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View the latest post Little green light? 355 Aft 97

Hello All! Any idea what the light switch in the galley does besides turn this cute little green light on?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Generator Contactor info

1994 Carver 390CPMY with a Koehler gender. The contactor is getting lazy pulling in when the get set is started. Anyone have any information on this contactor? Looks easy enough to replace, just need a place to start.

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View the latest post 1987 3607 Batteries, charger and switch

We have 4 batteries and an orginal charger that the PO had rebulit. Our battery switch has 4 settings, 1,ALL,2 and OFF. I would like to isolate battery draw to the deep cycle batteries when on anchor. So to find the setting that will do this I turned on an aft cabin light and salon light thinking that when I switched to the postion for starting the lights would go off. They didn't in any postion but OFF. I'm thinking since this boat is new to us we should update the charger and get new batteries and find smeone who can make sure or correct the why PO has tied all batteries together.Any thoughts or advice?

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