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View the latest post Lithium vs. led battery

1998 400 CMY, has (2) 454 7.4l mercury gas engines. Access is very difficult to the last (2) batteries. What are the PRO's & CON's of switching to Lithium batteries? Assuming it can even be done.

All (3) current batteries need/want to be replaced.

Thanks in advance,

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View the latest post Aft Window 3807

We have a 1989 3807 Aft Cabin. The aft cabin has a window at the back. It is sealed. Just curious if this has been replaced or was it original? A friend has a 1990 35 ft with an aft window that opens. Thinking this would be our “escape” in case of fire, etc. any thoughts?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Kohler 6.5

As many of you have known, I have had some recent issues with my 6.5 Honda powered Kohler genset. I believe it to be a 6.5CZ (per the build sheet) The ID plate is missing, so it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I have pretty much seem to have it running and not shutting off. However, need one help on the following:

The coolant will expand into the recovery tank, but not siphon back in. Tube is connected to the bottom of recovery tank and no leaks. ((Pressure cap was new with heat exchanger 2 years ago, Pressure Cap?))

I have attached photos of what I believe to be the high temp cut off switch and the choke switch. Both are located below the thermostat housing.

I believe this sensor to be defective, s it spins in the crimped brass boss. I cant find a description anywhere in any manual. ANy ideas of what it is and a part number?

Very helpful group here and I am thankful for all of your input!


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View the latest post New Owner

Hello! New owner here. I just bought my first Carver. A 1990 Mariner 3297. She needs some work, but the technical threads I've read on this forum seem very well informed and the users seem very happy to help. I'm hoping to get my boat working properly and continue to be an active member here for a long time.

-- David

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View the latest post Airsep filters

I cleaned and oiled the airsep filters but I think I applied too much oil. Had a fair amount of excess which has drained onto oil pads.

I am concerned about damage to the turbochargers.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

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View the latest post My Shakedown Cruise

I was thinking that my boat was beginning to feel neglected since I have spent most of my time on the jetski. Not wanting to anger the boating gods I decided to take the boat out for the weekend. Since launching May 1st I had only motored from the launch site to my dock.

So, Friday (yesterday) I fired up the engines and headed out for my Shakedown Cruise 2020. I left Gibraltar Boat Yard and headed out onto the Detroit River. I could have gone upriver the short way through the Trenton Channel but I would have had to pass through 2 bridges so I took the long way cruising over to the Livingstone Channel and then up river.

It was 23.2 miles up the river from Gibraltar to Detroit where I had booked a slip at the William G. Millikin State Park Harbor. I pulled into the marina, called them to let them know I had arrived. I had reserved slip #30. By this time the wind had picked up quite a bit so docking was going to be a little challenging. I boat alone so its always a bit of a hustle to get at least one line secured. There were 2 gentlemen in the slip across from mine. They were just sitting there but neither one of them offered to assist me with my docking procedure so I just do what I normally do and got one line secured them.

Boat was now secured. I walked over to the office to register my presence. I then went back to the boat. Lunch time so I made and had my lunch. Since this was my first cruise of the season and the boat had performed flawlessly so far on the journey up. I started checking systems. I turned on my A/C and it worked as it was supposed to. Last season no A/C at the start as I had a bad card in the electronics part of the system. I checked the air temperature at one of the ducts and it's blowing out at a cool 48*, not bad for a system that was installed in 1997 and is now 23 years old. Fingers crossed it lasts a few more seasons. Checked the temperature inside the refrigerator and it's holding at 36* not bad for a 39 year old fridge.

Next I checked the 12 volt lights. No lights. Hmmmmm. I checked the fuse and it was good so I twisted the fuse in the holder to clean the contact points and then put it back in. The lights worked, yea. I then put in the fuse for the onboard fresh water system. Pump, no work. I tried the twisting to clean the contact points and reinstalled. Still no pump. I figured I would check it further Saturday morning. I connected my hose to the boat and the marina city water system. Now I have water.

Then I walked about the marina checking out the other boats. Besides me there were 4 other Carvers present. Then it was time for dinner. Prepared and had dinner. Back outside mingling with the others at the marina. Severe thunderstorms were predicted for the area and about this time the skies began to darken and then the storms arrived. There was a lot of lightning some winds that lasted until after midnight. I went to bed and did manage to fall asleep. Not sure when the bad weather ended.

Woke up today (Saturday) and prepared and had breakfast. Went and showered and now ready for the day. At this time I decided to look for the source of my non functioning onboard water system pump. I had an idea of what it was. I moved the sofa over across the salon and opened the port side engine hatch. I shined my flashlight down and I was a disconnected wire. I reconnected the wire closed the hatch and installed the fuse. Pump is now working. I proceeded to pump out as much of the remaining pink stuff from the tanks as the pump could reach. I will flush and fill them with freshwater probably next weekend.

Today, since I got a bit more sun yesterday than I planned I have stayed mostly inside. Have been watching Victory At Sea to pass some time. Going to venture outside in a bit. So far all is well. All systems operational and the first half of my journey is complete. We'll see how it goes tomorrow when I head back to my marina. Hopefully no issues.

At this point a good shakedown cruise.

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View the latest post 1991 33 Carver aft Cbn AC Rocker breakers

Can anyone tell me which breakers I need to order by brand and number, or are there different brands that would fit. I need a 20 amp for the air conditioner pump and a and 30 amp for the air conditioners , these are AC rocker breakers in the electrical panel , one side red one side black. I know very little about electrical so please dont get to technical.
Thank you

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View the latest post Just Purchased a Carver

Hi all. I am new to Carver boats having just purchased a 1986 2757 Montego. I have some work to do on it, but its generally sound. I have heard horror stories about the Merc 190 engines, but the previous owner and the marina that services the boat told me that the engines were in good running order and do not have the coolant or charging issues I have heard about. It will be in the water at the end of the weekend and I am hoping to enjoy it with my family. If anyone has advice about this particular boat, I would be happy to hear it.

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View the latest post Poop/waste coming out starboard vent after flushing, please help!

Hi! I’ve been researching all I can to solve my issue. I have a 1998 Carver 370 Vogayer with a Vacuflush system. After flushing the toilet, during its pumping cycle waste/poop comes out of the side vent. The tank looks like it’s empty to 1/4 full. I just purchased the boat and working through troubleshooting but hopefully someone here has some insight. I found out the hard way. Moored on a dock with people sitting next to our boat, flush, then waste all over the dock 2 feet away. :-(

Any ideas on the root cause? I am thinking a clog of some sort ...

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View the latest post Back Deck Cover

Hi and Please Help!
I may be worried about nothing but I really think I need a cover to enclose my sliding glass door on my 1989 Carver 3467 due to the angle of the door. I am worried about rain getting in the boat if we get caught out on the hook. Can ANYONE tell me if I am overreacting or is there a cover I can get that will go over the entrance door?

Thanks for ANY input.

Wm. Brown 1989 Carver 3467 Santego

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