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View the latest post How do I check deisel fuel quality in the tanks

Brought our 2005 Carver 41CMY from Whitby to Simcoe, had trouble with bad fuel. I'm not sure if I bought bad fuel or the fuel left in the tanks went bad over the winter, anyhow we made it to Birch point Marina and Kevin was very helpful and changed filters, cleaned water separators and gave us clean fuel in my auxillary tanks to make it to Starport. I have the 2 main tanks full of fuel and don't want to dump it. How can I test this fuel before I switch to these tanks?


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View the latest post Head discharge system

Hello there! I just got my first cruiser a 1989 carver montego 2557, my question is , there's a hatch under the aft cabin mattress that contains something with hoses and a pump looking device with a removable handle. Can you guys please tell me what this is? Thanks a million in advance. :worthy:

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View the latest post Leaking Water Regulator Inlet - Is Your Bilge Wet?

Sometimes, it's a good idea to pop your hatches and just look around down there. Here's an annoying water line drip that made my bilge wet.

With the shore water hose hooked up and turned on, we have pressurized fresh water at the slip. But quietly, there was an unseen drip from behind the water regulator - you know, the thing that you screw your shore water hose to. It looks like this:


Behind this regulator, the fresh water inlet line is attached, with a simple threaded collar. You can see the threaded portion where the collar is tightened on, in this photo:


Just remove the four screws holding the regulator in place. Lift it up gently and check the fitting behind for tightness.

The threaded collar on my line was simply loose, probably from the last ten years of vibration, and I believe the previous owner was unaware of this issue. Why? The area below the regulator had water stains, and it was promoting rust on some metal parts below, which I've touched up with WD-40 oil. A simple twist of the collar to ensure tightness was all that was needed. No more leaks!

Be nice to your bilge. Have a peek down there.

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View the latest post Make Your Generator Happy

I had a perfectly good running Kohler 4KW genny on my previous boat. Why did it run so well? Regular oil and filter changes, and change the sparkplugs and impeller every couple seasons. It never let me down.

We purchased our Carver last fall, with a Kohler 7KW genny, and it ran awful. Well, it would run at idle without load, but once load was applied, such as coffee maker, water heater, or A/C, it would shudder and almost stall. The first run, it had smoky exhaust. It only has 90 hours on it, so it just has not been run enough. All of my Kohler research says that the VERY FIRST thing to check when they run poorly, are the sparkplugs. This I already knew from past experience.

Installing new NGK BPR4ES sparkplugs today - gap them .024 to .028 - as well as a fresh oil filter and refill with 10W30 Mobil 1 oil, and she ran as smooth as butter. Under full load - water heater, coffee maker, A/C pump, battery chargers, everything - she purred like a happy cat.

It's well known that if you want your genny to run well, then run it often, and put her under load. I've been told my a marine expert that the genny should be started each and every weekend, or as often as I go to the boat. That way, there should be few surprises when we leave on a boating holiday or extended trip and really need the genny.

Purchase your own oil vacuum pump from a marine store - about $100.00 - and use it to vacuum out your old oil. (You can use this to change your own engine oil as well)

You can install a new filter - the Kohler 4KW and 7KW take the same size filter, a FRAM PH4967 or a WIX 51394. Buy your own filter wrench and keep it onboard. Buy a couple of extra filters, and keep on board.

The NGK BPR4ES plug are available at the PartSource auto supply stores. Ask for NGK stock #7222, which is a pack of four. Install two, and keep two on board for spares, along with a sparkplug socket. If your genny acts up when you are miles from home, or at a beautiful anchorage, you don't need to call for a mechanic or head for a marina.

Make your genny happy. I'm sure you have already heard this one: "Happy genny, happy life."

What about impellers? We can cover that in another post. Just keep an eye on your genny exhaust and make sure she is throwing out lots of water. If no water, shut the genny down fast. You should carry a spare impeller on board also.

Happy boating everyone!





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View the latest post 1998 Carver 530 Voyager Pilothouse

My wife and I purchased a 1998 Carver 530 Voyager Pilothouse last April. We absolutely love the boat and all the space and styling. It was a sort of project boat that sat idle on blocks at the Skipper Buds marina on Catawba, Island, Ohio for nearly two years. Improvements made: New carpeting throughout interior, new upper helm Infinity carpeting, installed bow thruster this past winter, new Garmin 4212, all 4 new batteries (house and engine) new A/C in VIP suite, new sub-zero freezer in galley, new wipers, new A/C control box in ER, two new battery chargers (20 and 100 AMP), new stern carpeting, new fuel and oil senders, and last but not least, 725 gallons of diesel fuel.

We are now broke and cannot afford to cruise anywhere! Just kidding. The boat yard is always very glad to see us.

This is a great boat. The last issue I have to address is water in the aft bilge area. I always have at least two inches of water that I do not know where it comes from. Does the water in the sink in the galley empty into the area between the two engines? I pumped water out this past weekend that was soapy. My wife had just finished cleaning dishes and I noticed the soapy water. Does anyone know about the water issue and the sink drain?

Thanks for the help. Catawba Tim

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View the latest post How to open sofa bed

I am at my last straw. New to me boat. Carver 326. How do you open the sofabed in the Saloon?

Mine looks like this: http://images.boats.com/resize/1/0/39/4 ... _LARGE.jpg

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View the latest post 3326 Voyager Wiring Diagram

can anyone tell me how to get my hands on a wiring diagram for a 1980 3326 Voyager? I have some wires hanging out on the side wall of the back deck that are not connected to anything and I'm not sure what there for.

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View the latest post Bench seat for Carver 2767 Santego

Hey all

I am looking for the a bench seat for the back deck of my 1987 Carver 2767 Santego. I purchased this boat used last year and it did not come with a bench seat. I have since seen photos where there's a folding bench over the engine hatches.

If anyone has one that's still in good shape, please PM me on here or email me at dparsons@photo-hogs.com.


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View the latest post Battery Blow-up

I was doing some work in the engine compartment today and found one of my three batteries had blown itself to smitherines. The other two batts are bulged out on the sides. Clearly an overcharging issue, I'd say, but if anyone thinks otherwise, I'd like to know. Didn't have vinegar handy to neutralize the acid, so I diluted with a lot of water and vacuumed it out. Will spray with vinegar tomorrow. Initial thought was to replace all three batts and what I suspect is a faulty battery charger. However, in reading the manual, it says the battery selector should be switched between 1 and 2, and not left in BOTH because the charger can't correctly assess battery charge if it is. I bought it with BOTH selected and have always left it there. Before I dump $700+ into a battery charger, can anyone tell me: 1)is it likely a switchology problem (BOTH vs 1 or 2) caused this problem? And (2) how should I check my charger to see if it's bad?

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View the latest post Helm station terminal strips location

I have a 3697 mariner (1986) the manual references positive and negative terminal strips at the helm. I pulled the footwell to try to locate them... I was expecting more or less standard strips, either with or without a cover. Am I blind or is the description in the manual misleading? Any insight?

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