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View the latest post Lake Erie Rendezvous

Would anyone from the lake erie region be interested in a Carver Get together sometime this summer, maybe in conjunction with another boat club?

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View the latest post 356 / 404 Hard Top access

I'd like to add a pair of speakers and some lighting to the hard top on my 356 but running wires will be tricky. I've opened all of the access ports with no luck and it looks like I'll have to drill through the radar arch where it meets the hard top to gain access. If I do that, I'll probably cover the new hole with a light fixture. Before I do that... I thought I'd ask if anyone else has found a better way.

Does anyone have experience running wires inside of the hard top?

Thanks for any help!


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View the latest post 1995 355 Aft Cab, Aft fuel tank

I recently purchaced a 1995 355 aft cabin, gas engines. The previous owner stated that he never bothered to use the rear (aux) tank. I have been reading horror stories of unused fuel tanks and in this instance, the swim deck needs to be torn up to replace the aft tank.
I am not sure if the tank is okay or not.
I have a few questions that I am hoping someone here can answer.
1. Is there an easy way to see if the tank is still good without taking a chance on fouling the engines?
2. Do both engines draw from the rear tank until it is empty and then from the side tanks? I see no mechanical switch for the aux. tank.
3. If #2 is correct, it would be fair to assume the rear tank is empty... right?

Your comments/experience is appreciated.

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View the latest post New Owner needs specs

I am the new owner of a 1985 2807 single inboard.I am needing the true weight and draft.All info that I can find is related to a twin engine boat .They are showing 34" draft and 8900 pounds. I am sure the draft is going to be more and the weight less. Any help will be appreciated.

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View the latest post GREAT News for Carver

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View the latest post Anyone know the signals to open a draw bridge?

Morn' All,

So it seems like this should have an easy answer but I am conflicted. I called the city, and the guy in charge of the workers thought it MIGHT BE 3 short blasts of the horn. I looked do at a iPad app and it states that the Coast Guard rules state, '3 long, 4-6 seconds, blasts, and 1 short, 1 second, blast'. Thoughts?

I changed my dock location to up river to save myself 75% of my dock costs! but now I have the bridge to deal with :(



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View the latest post Thoughts on painting teak wood on my Mariner

Morn All',

Has anybody painted the exterior teak wood on their boats? I am considering it. Yes teak is pretty cool and looks great but it is one of the things that seem to make my boat look old and outdated. What we were considering was to pull the glass and tint it all. Then paint all of the exterior wood black. How does the paint hold up on teak wood? Any special treatments?

If you want to see any example if what I was considering (call me a copy cat, that's ok), do a search on the net for a boat called 'Flip Me Over'. This place did just what I am thinking about AND they changed the roof line on the back and added a sliding door. It looks super cool. I have also thought about that. I know where I can get a glass door, but no tracks, which makes that decision a little more difficult.

Anyhoo, I know you guys have taken on some big projects, what do you think?



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View the latest post Teak windows, need to make 100% waterproof

Morn' All,
Ok so the windows are glass :). The teak surrounding the windows...so with my 1977 Carver sandwiches these windows in teak wood and added weep holes for draining. It is not in horrible shape and only 2 areas that I will need to replace. I will be removing the inside boards, and then the glass. My question is... What next???

I can do a light sanding job and then cetol. This will make it look pretty but, what should I use to sandwich the wood back together? Glue, PL400, silicone, lots of options, just not sure. Also, many years ago I used cetol on a swim platform and my next step...I just can't remember. I can't remember if that was it or if I added a urethane on top of that to make it a gloss finish.

The whole goal here it to fix the wood, make it look pretty and above all, it has the let the water follow the wood track out the weep holes and not follow the wood joints, through the cracks and back into the boat.

Any help or ideas are appreciated. This is a major problem that I have to fix!



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View the latest post Multiple, separate problems, starting with smoke at 2500+RPM

Good Morning All. It has been a while. So I actually stored my Carver in my yard from last fall. I am trying to give it a quick, intensive make over and improve the performance before it hits the water in a month. I have quick a few problems I am trying to address.

1. Last year I had smoke or steam coming out of the exhaust at 2500+ RPM's. We had quick a few ideas out there, not sure which ones I hit. My local mechanic told me to change out my propellers on the water pumps, since they are well over 5 years old. I will be doing that this week. He thinks it was steam and not smoke. It always had a smell of exhaust but I guess if the water was low, maybe that would make sense. Any other ideas? It was both engines. I am also changing out the flappers and they stay open, kind of doubt this will help me but why not.

2. The port engine could not go higher than 3200 RPM's. The starboard could go to 3600+ with no issues, while the port would hold at 3200. I have brand new water separators/fuel filters. The mechanic thought I should check he electrical side starting with the timing. I can't do that until next month when we warm up. Any other thoughts? I am worried about the carbs being dirty since this boat sat for 5 years, and had lilt hours I the past 11 years.

3. The starters...when I turn the key, nothing happens, not even a click or try. I back off and the turn the key again, maybe 6-12 times and then it engages and works. It always makes me nervous. This is both engines. The mechanic seems to think it is the relays, so I am changing that out this week. Any other thoughts?

4. Walter V-Drive warning light goes off for the port side. I believe this is a low oil level warning. I have checked the oil multiple times and it is good, though it is kind of nasty looking...kind of like bad gas sitting in a old carb. Any thoughts? Should I change this oil out for good measure? How and what do I replace it with?

Any other thoughts about other things I should address while it is in my yard?



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View the latest post Exhaust rattle on swim step

I have a 34 Santego sedan cruiser with a very large built on swimstep. The exhaust for the starboard motor rubs through the swimstep and out the lower side. I have this rattle that just bugs me coming from the swim step. Any ideas??

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