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View the latest post Attachment(s) Carver 380 Antenna

Hello all
Sorry I did not see a search option so I hope this is not a repeat.

I am looking for a serrated nut looking thing that goes to my antenna.
There are 2 of them to allow for the antenna to swivel however I lost one of them.

My friends Carver has the same type of unit however I have searched high and low for this thing and have even been in contact with Marquis Carver with no results.

If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.

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View the latest post Generator and Bridge Oulets

The Captain and I are in the process of getting our new to us Carver 410 from Savannah to Apalachicola FL. It has been an incredible trip with the exception of a couple of days of bad weather. So far the boat has been running great but last night while on the hook the generator wouldn't stay running. Its starts right up but cuts off after about 30 seconds. We checked the filters and oil and everything looks good.
The other issue is the DC outlets and fridge on the bridge. We have the DC outlet breaker on but are not getting any power.
Any ideas are appreciated. We are navigating the Okeechobee waterway right now and still have a few days to go. It's going to be tough without a generator.

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View the latest post dual station switch issues

My Dad past away last fall we are in the process of putting his 1982 Santa Cruz Carver up for sale ,which he has owe since 1984 , I know he was looking for a part put never could fine it for the ignition system , its a dual helm set up , I know that he install a switch under the dash on the fly bridge that you had to push in and hold to start the boat which works fine if you want to start it at the fly bridge every time , you could not start it inside unless someone would go up to the fly bridge and hold the switch in , so with that being said I can only assume that the part he was looking for did this automatically when you went to start the boat at either station . looking for help to fix this issue .

Thank you for any help

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View the latest post 2000 396AC - galley sink

Anyone with suggestions where to get a replacement galley sink. The admiral hates the look of the existing sink.

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View the latest post Decode HIN 355 Aft

I was looking at my paperwork on my new to me '95 355 Aft Cabin and was wondering if anyone could help decode my HIN for me. I had similar info for my last boat, it was just interesting to know where it was built and when etc...

I've searched around and think I understand it, but would like another pair of eyes on it.

My HIN is CDRP0001F495

CDR - Carver Boats
PO - I'm assuming that's the model 355 Aft?
001 - Hull Number 1?
F - Started build June?
4 - Day?
95 - Model year 1995

Does that look close? Thanks in advance!

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View the latest post Water under engines trapped by stringers Carver 530

I own a 98 Carver 530, and this winter noticed water trapped under the engines up against the stringer. The bilge only drains the center of the boat, so I was looking for a drain tube from under the engines to the center cavity so the water could be removed.
My mechanic is also stumped, so if someone could help with where such a drain tube is located, I would be very appreciative.

Thank you
Raj :approve:

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View the latest post Replacing VHF antenna, uses RG5 cable?

We need to replace out VHF antenna which is mounted on the arch of our 2008 Mariner. We purchased a new one from West Marine and went to install it and had problems with the connections. Looks like they used RG5 cable and the new antenna uses RG8. Is there any way to connect them or do we have to run the RG8 cable back to the radio which will require fishing the new wire through the arch and much of the superstructure. All of the current wires in the arch seem to be bundled together so we cannot attach the new wire to the old one to pull it through. We were really surprised to see RG5 cable used instead of RG8. Everything I see online says RG5 is for in home use. Also what do we lose using the RG5 instead of RG8? Is there appreciable loss of gain over the 30 foot run? Thanks in advance for any info.

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View the latest post flax size for prop shaft

Twin 230 / V drive 1 1/4 shafts w/ 2" nut on 87 voyager Any one know the flax size and how hard is it to do in water?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Windlass Options - Lewmar good/bad?

My old windlass was an old model Maxwell RC8, but it's becoming apparent that no matter which windlass I pickup, I'm going to have to fill and re-drill holes in the deck, and it doesn't appear that any windlass is going to fully cover all of my former holes. I'm looking at the Maxwell RC8, the RC10, and Lewmar options. (willing to hear other suggestions)

Lewmar has quite a bit of negative reviews on Amazon and otherwise. Maxwell windlasses seem more reliable, but I shouldn't need the greatest windlass made. I boat in shallow water, 12'-30' max, with a light anchor (fortress, great holding power, doesn't weigh much), and I generally anchor in waist deep water.

Lewmar VX 1 accepts a 1" rode. ($650) (further research suggests that this windlass may only accept a 5/8" rode, and that the website claiming a 1" rode, may have been wrong.)

The Maxwell RC8 accepts a 5/8 rode. ($1200)
The Maxwell RC10 accepts a 3/4 rode. ($1500)

The Lewmar windlass is more than 1/2 the cost of the Maxwell windlass, and I see a lot of people using them in my area. A lot of the complaints I see against Lewmar, are from ocean going boats, that boat in deep water. I don't have those issues.

I have a 3/4" rode on the boat currently. How exact does the rode have to fit? Would the 3/4" rode work with the VX1, which nominally accepts a 1"? Would the 3/4" rode pass through the RC8, that nominally accepts a 5/8" rode? Are Lewmar windlasses so crappy that I shouldn't consider them? I've been told that I can get a different gypsy to install in the windlass to accommodate different rodes. I'm sure I'll be on the phone with Lewmar customer service tomorrow morning, they were closed yesterday and today.

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View the latest post Carver 406 fresh water indicator?

Must be blind in one eye and can’t see so good out of the other!
I don’t find the fresh or black tank volume indicator? I just bought the boat and are still getting use to things.
Thanks for help.

Rufnek Carver 406

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