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View the latest post 2007 36 Mariner For Sale

Edited My CYO Admin: Please post all for sale items here: http://www.nautical-market.com/

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View the latest post sticky windows

we have a 1983 3207 aft cabin and the sliding windows in salon area are a pain to open and close .
what would you reccomend to lubricate the window or track to enable them to slide more freely?
Thanks for the help...

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View the latest post Boat will not steer, wheel spins freely

HI all, been reading through forums and cannot find an answer. the wheel spins to the left or right infinately and no control of rudder. I checked the bilge to see if anything looked detached. The bar that typically moves back and fourth does not move with spinning of the heel. In the bilge I saw what looked like a hydralic cylinder (similar look to what swings doors back on a screen door) as welll as what looked like a bleeder line similar to what I have seen in car brake lines but have not had any experience using something like this. I took off the plate that coveres wheel at the helm to see if anything looked strange. All I saw were 3 cables still attached. HELP if anybody knows. I boat on a small lake and the service department has not done anything like this. Im guessing a line is either broke or possibly it needs some type of fluid / air. I have a 1994 mariner 330 with dual crusaders. Im not the most handy guy around but willing to give it a shot. Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. This is the first steering problem I have had but have had plenty others with air conditioning, generator, pumps, etc. None of that matters too much if I cant steer. Lately just been using the drives at varying degrees to steer boat but in windy or crowded situations - I resort to praying or just stay at dock and drink beer!

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View the latest post new member

hello to everyone from north carolina. I am rebuilding a 1977 santa cruz 2566. its been kinda slow going, but i really enjoy reading what other carver owners are doing. with a little luck, i,ll be in the water this fall.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Fuel problems

Good morning all,
I am not really sure of my fuel problem. I think there were multiple issues. The boat runs great at idle speed, every time I hit the throttle, both engines would die. It happened 3 times. I found that the vent hose went from the gas think top, straight to the bottom of the boat. I have rerouted that.
I also found that the fuel filter on the port side was full of water, varnish, everything but good gas. I have refueled just before that with 97 gallons, I also pulled 2 gallons of water out of the old gas when I put the boat in the water. I just changed the fuel filter on the port side so hopefully that will be good.
The starboard side, every time I let the boat sit too long, it is hard starting, to the point I have to dump gas down the carb to get it going. I pulled the fuel filter and there was nothing in it but some rust....I mean not a drop of gas. Do you think that before I if Ed the vent problem that a vacuum was created in the tank and it pulled all of the gas back in? Would a new anti siphon valve keep the gas from going from the lines back into the tank? Nt sure what the issue is here or how to fix it.
My guess would be to get a new anti siphon valve and maybe a fuel bulb inline just in case. Thoughts?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Full Camper top maintenance

Good Evening All,

I just had my full camper top re-stitched. I also had a window or 2 replaced. I have never actually seen it on the boat. It is pretty dirty right now.

So, what would you clean the top with before I put it on? Should I spray waterproofing stuff on it? The last question, the upholstery guy said there is a conditioning spray/lotion that you can put on the clear vinyl to recondition it and clean it. Has anyone ever heard of this spray and where do you buy it or what is it called?

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View the latest post Leak in fresh water system

Carver 466, Have a leak in fresh water system, replaced pump, can't find leak but water in in bilge. Pump keeps turning on Pumped out water in bilge it comes back over a period of time, lost all the water in tank sometime in a 24 hour period. If pump is not on, water level does not go down. Water in bilge also when city water is on. So can't be a tank leak, have checked all faucets, toilet's, water heater, dishwasher and washer can't find leak in engine room when those sources are running.

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View the latest post Shore power receptacle on 3207

Just got the tub in the water this week. Going to park it at my one of my buddy's docks. He has shore power to the dock but with a regular 120v/15a plug. Which shore power receptacle is the one I should use to just run the fridge, charger, etc: the one closest to the bow or the one closest to the stern? I tried both tonight but as soon as as I plugged it in, the GFI at the house power tripped. I was using a 30a to 15a adapter and then a regular extension cord. I'm not sure how tight the plug should be going into the boat; there was a little wiggle room there but I got the threaded coupler on without trouble. It was raining out but I tested the power with a regular 120v load and it worked fine. As soon as I put the shore power adapter on and tried to plug it in, the GFI would trip. I had the switch on my power panel to shore power. What do you do with the battery switch while on shore power; on/off? Sorry for what are probably simple questions to most of you, but I'm learning as I'm going. Should have paid more attention in shop class 35 years ago instead of dreaming about drinking whiskey and making love all the time. Any input is appreciated.

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View the latest post TV mount suggestions

Guten Morgan All,
Any good suggestions on where to mount the tv in my mariner? It appears that the best spot would be on the ladder that goes to the bridge, of course that would kill the use of the ladder. Has anyone ever seen a pole mount for a tv that could swivel? The rail on that ladder is 7/8". I have found a few, but they all need almost a 1 1/4" rail or larger. Thoughts?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Hi to all from a new member.

Hi all. Just found this forum and excited to be a contributing member. We are long time boaters for the last 40 years and currently own a Carver 3807. We had a 3227 Carver prior to this one, another great boat. We really love our Carver and cruise the Grand Haven Michigan area but take some trips west and north each summer. I have done considerable upgrades and maintenance on the 3807 and would love to talk to others about their projects and mine.

Attached a picture of the Sandi L II.

Enjoy the upcoming season.///


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