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View the latest post Attachment(s) New feature

Well, the mechanic I hired installed a new feature, submersible.
I'm just plain pissed.... :censored:
The only thing that stopped it from sinking...was the bottom.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Air Condition power trip problem

Hi all,

New issue. on July 4th problem occurred with power to AC (first time this happened). Both power panels were live and working. All of a sudden Air Condition power panel died. went out to dock side and noticed the fuse box was flipped. Turned it back on went back in no AC. Played around with power line, switch around the 2 lines, etc. and AC came back on but other AC power panel did not come back on. I checked the back and the boat side fuse was not tripped. After more trouble shooting, I hooked up to next empty power box on the doc and it was all fine. So I had the Air Condition line on my power box, and the other AC panel on the 2nd power box, and that worked fine. Today I had the kids on the boat and they said it kept tripping of the other box on the dock. I already called on electrician, who will show up Monday. I was not at the boat myself today, so not sure kids tried the correct way or not, hard to tell. I will re-check Saturday when I get to it. But they said the AC power panel was warm to touch while it was working. I had never noticed it before. I will check what behind it over the weekend, but before than I was curious if anyone had similar incident and have any comments about this? Also weather has been extremely hot, but I eliminated the cable as it seems to work until it gets tripped at power source. Are there anything behind the power panel inside that I may need to check or replace? When it works it does give cold air (both units). The back cabin one gets very cold as it is smaller area. The main cabin one takes a long time to cool when it is extremely hot though. But it does cool when it works.

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View the latest post Thoughts on a 95 355

I've been looking at a 95 355 that appears pretty clean. Has had some updates as far as furniture and carpet goes. Not perfect, but has those fun projects that I like to work on.
Any thoughts on what I should be looking out for that would be unique to the 355?

This one has 454's and I believe they are throttle body injected. He said they weren't fuel injected, but not carbs either. Impellers were replaced within the last year. When I started it, the port motor took a little longer to fill the muffler than the starboard side. Clean oil, didn't see any leaks, but haven't completely rolled around in the bilge to get to know them.
The genny started right away and appears to be used regularly. It was pretty much silent.
The bilge where the motors are was fairly clean. The shaft seals had a couple drips if even and have been replaced recently.
I've read about the Aux gas tank. The owner implied it's empty and not used. I hadn't read enough before that conversation so I'll probe more next time.

There was water in the bilge in the galley. It was clean water, so I'm assuming either AC condensation or plumbing leak. Is that common?

The heads are electric (push button on the wall). They sounded strong. I was really looking for vacuflush, but if it works, I'm ok if I know what to look for as far as maintaining. Are parts still available?

Where's the water heater, pump and water tank? Are they easy to see?

The hull looks really nice, no dock rash, reasonably polished. I did notice that there wasn't a storage compartment on the swim platform. Instead there was a place to store fenders. I'm thinking I could add a dock box with a pad to sit on.

The anodized aluminum around the windows was really faded. Not sure what options there are for making that deep black again. I've vinyl wrapped a lot of car parts, so maybe that's an alternative. 5 years is usually all I get with black though. Given the age of the boat and the state of the caulking I'm sure I'm in for some rebedding projects.

AC units were blowing cold, fridge was cold enough plugged into shore power to have ice cream.
There was a cooler in the main outside seating area where the little sink is. Is that normally a cooler, or is that an ice maker or mini fridge?

As I walked around to the bow I noticed some standing water in the port walkway towards the bow. It was a little orange so there's been some staining and that water is probably there normally. Is that a standard "design feature"? Any remedy?

We're looking for something with good bones and plan to have this one until the kids move on in 8-10 years. Our current boat we've had for 5 years and it's time to step up.

Any advice on what I need to look at would be excellent. Thanks!

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View the latest post Shifter cable 98 405 Aft Cabin

Hey all...

New guy here, so forgive me if I'm missing where this has already been covered. I did multiple searches and couldn't find any information.

I have a 98 405 Aft. Last night after our firework show, I pulled anchor and headed for home. Upon arrival at the marina, I tried shifting starboard engine to reverse to begin maneuvering for the slip and was quite shocked when I added a little power and we shot forward instead of reverse. In near panic I shifted to neutral and forward and back to reverse and could l feel the lack of tension in the shifter handle. I quickly shut down the engine so we could get into the slip (and to avoid being rebranded "Dock Crusher") after parking did some checking and see I have a broken shift cable.

Has anyone replaced one that can give me some pointers? I've called my local marina parts department and they aren't even sure which replacement cable to use. I have the numbers off the current cable (C8 FL 360 172). I'm certain they have the same type cable but how do you know the length you need?

Any information is appreciated!! :usa:

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View the latest post Port lites

I have a 1987 Carved Aft Cabin. Anyone have an idea where I can purchase new rectangular port lites. Just need the plastic lenses, and new knurled knobs. Could use a part number for these. Not getting too far with Pompanette.

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View the latest post 2002 Carver 444

I am new to the site, I currently have a Carver 350 and getting ready to upgrade to the Carver 444.

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View the latest post July 4th

Have a good Independence Day........ :usa: ......... :beergood:

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View the latest post Gauges

Hey boaters!!!! Wondering if anyone has ever removed the front lens of any of their gauges. On my 360 sports sedan, I would love to clean the lens. Wondering before I start if they are screwed on or If I have to disassemble them. Thanks in advance!

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View the latest post Boating Industry Future

Not sure where we are going. With the closure of Bayliner which now only produces small boats, Meridian is defunct and the latest news is Sea Ray is making major changes and will now concentrate only on smaller boats. See here. https://www.tradeonlytoday.com/manufact ... ficult-one

Makes one wonder what is in store for Carver which only produces larger boats nowadays. Put is this way, I would not carry to much Carver stock in my portfolio. :-O Sad times for the marine business in general IMHO and just seems to be getting worse as the years go by. Seems like we are going back in time when boats were only for the rich and famous.

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View the latest post 2001 Carver 444. AC

My Fwd AC is doing some Bizarre things that is orobably the controller as they seem to go bad regularly.

The AC will sometimes run well for hours cooling nicely. Then the fault cycle begins.

The heat comes on and the display starts cycling thru single numbers. The AC condenser is not frozen over!

Today is ran fine awhle and then quit and displayed a fault code of HPF. Of course that fault code is not in manual.

The other two ACs work fine and water pump is working.

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