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View the latest post No Air Con when using generator

My new to me 95 355 Aft Cabin has air and a generator. During the survey and a couple other times I was on the boat we had AC and the generator running while out on the water. The previous owner isn't around this week so I can't ask.

Here's my issue...
I had the AC running, then went to leave the slip. I disconnected the shore power lines, went in and started the generator without changing anything on the panel. Neither AC unit powered up after that. No lights on the AC control panels at all.
I flipped every configuration of switches I could think of with no joy. I see amps and volts on the shore power 1 meter. Nothing on shore power 2. AC is tied to shore power 2 when plugged in.

When we got back to the slip I plugged into shore power and the AC kicked right on like nothing happened.

Genny is a Kohler if that helps. I'm thinking I'm just missing something simple, but I can't figure it out.

Thanks for the help .

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Interior door handle on '00 530

I have a 2000 530. One of the interior door handles lost it's "spring" action - the tension that operates the handle. I took the face plate off to see if I could repair it. Now I can not reassemble the latch. There is a small spring that puts tension on the bolt that I can't figure out how to connect properly (see photo). Anyone have advice or experience with repairing these door handles?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) New Carver owner from Washington State

Hi all, New here, new to owning a yacht... although as I look around probably should say a boat as it's not as big as most I see :)

Although not new to boating (also have a 1990 Maxum sr2100) we just purchased a 1989 Montego 2557 today!! It's just finishing getting a fresh motor installed and should be sea worthy by Tuesday or so!

Glad I found this forum, looking forward to osmosing some wisdom!


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View the latest post QL 1200 Bow Thruster Propellers

I am a new member looking for help. I am looking to replace both of my QL 1200 bow thruster propeller's. Please let me know if you know where I can find them. Thanks

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View the latest post blower for diesel generator

2004 396 Carver motor yacht..Generator is working fine, but the blower does not come on ...There is also a switch on the helm as well as on the breaker panel, but still does not come on...Recently had work done on the port side starter...Could there be a connection, as we did not have a problem before..

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View the latest post Dip stick stuck halfway

Carver 38 santego 1995 crusader engines

Starboard engine Dipstick will only go halfway down.Tried twisting turning jamming and forcing will not go down. What can I do? Going crazy please help!
Thank you

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View the latest post 325 Carver Marine Air Passport II

Its been one of those seasons.

I purchased my 325 Carver in FEB 18. I immediately noticed upon acceptance what appeared to be an intermittent water flow problem while operating my two AC units. In the late spring I called for heat and in the summer it was strictly AC. I noticed some intermittent water flow stoppages during either operation. I have read that some units have relays working with the compressor to cycle on and off. I was never convinced my system was designed to do that. Most other Carver's in my marina seem to have constant water flow while the heat or AC system is on?

My two Passport II controls seem to work well. However I NO longer have water running through either unit and I do know my pump is not physically operating while wired into the system. When I located the Marine Air wiring junction box which appears to contain all the wiring for the two units, I noticed the previous owner had twist tied a "spare" 110V molded chord with exposed ends in what appears to have been an attempt to troubleshoot a pump? The spare chord was twist tied to the water pump 110v cable??? The surveyor apparently never noticed that? Anyway I suspect the pump is faulty and I will start troubleshooting the system this weekend as neither unit works right now but the controls do call for AC and both systems seem to initially fire up normally. Both units operate for about a minute and shut down as water is NOT pumping and I suspect that is what the system is looking for? I have removed the strainer basket and all is clear on the water line side. My plan is to start by disconnecting the pump wiring at the j-box and connect it to 110v to see if the pump works outside the controls. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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View the latest post 406 Aft Cabin Performance concerns?

My wife and I are brand new to the MY scene. We have a 1999 406 Aft Cabin with twin 7.4 Mercruiser engines. We normally just put around on our lake anyway, but we have throttled her up a time or two. However, after reading on this forum, it seems like we are not getting anywhere NEAR the kind of performance this boat should be delivering. I understand there can be a million factors that effect a boat's performance, but we seem to be far off the mark. I am hoping some other comparable size and engine configured owners can tell me if my concerns are warranted.

Our boat will only RPM up to about 3,000-3,100 RPM max, and our top speed is only about 15 mph per the GPS. It actually pretty much tops out performance-wise at about 2,800 rpm at 14-15 mph, which is only a touch over halfway on the throttles. Everything over that just seems to give us nothing performance-wise.

The boat has been in the water for about three years since its last bottom job (before we bought it), but has been used fairly regularly over that time. Both engines typically start right up. They both idle fine. Response at idle seems pretty good to me. But when you want to get up and go... it just aint happening. I read on this forum that other owners with our size boats get cruising speeds of 25 mph and max speeds of 30+?!?!?!? Is that for real? Should I be able to get close to 30 mph out of this boat? If so, any suggestions on where to start?

Thanks so much!

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View the latest post Onan 6.5kw Marine Genset Cooling

Hello, new to the forums and looking for some advice.

We recently purchased a 1984 Carver 3207 Aft Cabin with an Onan 6.5kw Marine Genset. The generator ran great for a couple of trips but just yesterday I went to start it and it did not appear to be circulating any water (this is a freshwater cooled system). I assume there must be a safety shutoff as the generator powered itself down after about 60 seconds.

I am thinking that I will need to replace the impeller but have read that it may have just lost siphon? Is that possible, and if so any hints on how to remedy?
Is it a big job to replace the raw water impeller?
Does anyone have a manual for that year Onan generator?

I have owned many inboard/v drive boats as well as a few older RV's and have done all the work on them myself.

I searched the forums but could not find anything specific to my year/model.

Thank you in advance for any expertise you can provide!

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View the latest post replace/repair the exterior panels on a 326 Aft

Looking for some ideas on repairing the exterior panels that "wrap around" the aft deck. We had some straight line winds that snapped dock lines and our dock at the marina (floating dock) actually broke away. Luckily, only damage we sustained was to the plastic panels. We completely lost the corner/curved piece and found one of the plastic panels. Need to reattach but don't know if I can order the correct bushings to afix to the rail. Don't have a clue about replacing the corner piece. Any ideas would be welcomed.

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