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View the latest post Light Fixtures Trim Piece

New to the Forum does anyone know where I can find the gold trim piece for recessed light fixtures in a Carver 2001 Voyager Pilot house.

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View the latest post dash removal (fuel guage)

I have a 87 Mariner that had a fuel guage that was working on only 1 tank when I got it - appears to not work at all now. Simple question - how is dash removed? I dsee one plastic plug on the top of the dash - is that it?

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View the latest post Curtains for a 2002 Carver 350 Mariner

I am looking to replace the sliding glass door curtains on my 2002 350 Mariner. I have looked everywhere, but have had no luck finding either replacements or someone that does that kind of work. HELP!!! lol, thanks, Rick

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View the latest post Eisenglass

I recently bought a 2001 404 CPMY and it does not have an enclosure. I tried Great Lakes Tops and they never made canvas for Carver. Wondering if someone knew who Carver used to make their tops and enclosures or did they do it in house? Or does anyone have one for sale? Thanks Art

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View the latest post Fuel shut off in 1997 Carver 325 Aft

I recently purchased a 1997 CARVER 325 Aft Cabin with twin GAS TB350 XLi engines. I am looking to inspect and replace (as needed) engine tune-up components since I have no assurance of any maintenance accomplished on the vessel prior to ownership and it needs some TLC. I am also trying to eliminate fuel delivery with an issue that I am having. I have the "second design" fuel delivery system. I see there is a "puck screen" on each fuel supply line which delivers fuel directly from the fuel tank on the port and starboard sides. The puck screen precedes the electronic fuel pump and then the gas is pumped to the fuel/water separator and then to the throttle body. I have changed the fuel water separators in both engines (they were clean and showed no dirt or water). An attempt to separate the housing for the puck filters was not made as I do not see a shut off valve in line. My generator has a fuel selector which can feed from either tank, but the Carver has separate tanks for each ENGINE. I assume removing the bolt to expose the puck screen will spill some fuel so my question is, is there a way to minimize the fuel spillage and/or how much fuel can I expect to get once I separate the two sides of the housing? Is there a shut off valve on this model that I am unaware of? If I pull the fuel delivery line and raise it above the tank level will that stop the flow? I assume I could plug the delivery line or just clamp it shut? It seems like a unsafe maintenance design to me? I appreciate any experience another owner can share. Thanks!

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Extended Swim Platform for Carver 350/360 - New - Never installed

Purchased an extended swim platform for a Carver 350 Mariner - but the purchase of the boat fell through prior to installation. It was purchased from SwimPlatforms.com in Arizona - and will fit a Carver 350 or 360 Mariner. It is still in the original shipping crate with strapping intact. I will attach a photo of a similar extended swim platform. It is very similar to the photos - it has 5 vents, a 4 step ladder and retractable cleats. My cost was $5200 all-in. Open to reasonable offers through P/M. Shipping and installation will need to be arranged. Located in southwestern Ontario. Thanks

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View the latest post Attachment(s) all aboard!

Hi CYO!!!

I am the proud owner (barring my bank note) of 2002 Carver 396 aft-cabin; named and registered her Following Sea

I too jumped from a 24 to a 41 LOA (at least that's what my marina dock slip denotes), bit scary but working through it all.

I have a 05 Wellcraft CC w 8-foot beam named and registered Fair Winds- great for everything in the bay

I hope to connect with like-minded Carver owners, share stories, learn, and possible help and advise


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View the latest post Attachment(s) No power (electrical) 1996 454 Crusader XL TBI

I got a head start on the port motors, per the headache I had with the starboard side. I preemptively rebuilt the TBI, and replaced the Oberg fuel filter and top filter right out the gate, to dismiss those issues. I like both motors on the same maintenance schedules, so I rebuilt the starters, alternators, and TBIs all at the same time, this year.

I thought I was having the same issue with the fuel pump as the starboard motor, but it's not getting any juice when I turn the port ignition breaker to "on." (the starboard motor fuel pump kicks on for 1-2 seconds when I flip the switch, as it should) I thought it may be a bad fuel pump relay or an interruptor from some sort of sending unit somewhere, so I bypassed everything and ran a hot to the fuel pump. Pump works fine, perfect fuel pressure. Next I noticed that I don't have any spark, then tested the fuel injectors with an LED indicator light that plugs into them, no fire their either. Starter has power, and turns over at the helm. Shouldn't have anything to do with the neutral safety switch. No power to anything else.

I have both batteries installed on the #2 bank, and no batteries installed in the #1 bank, but that shouldn't matter. I had the battery selector switch to "both" and the motor turns over at the helm. There are no loose "accessory" wires left to connect to the batteries. I did a quick check for loose or dangling wires and didn't see anything. The motor/ignition breaker isn't tripped. The wiring harness has a round connector that goes to the 16 pin for the ECU. I'm guessing the round connector is the same style 9 pin connector that Merc uses. I haven't messed with it yet. I have a good running motor on the starboard side, and I will likely try swapping computers at some point tomorrow. However, I would like to know if there's anything else I should look for, and a basic wiring diagram that gets me power to the ECU, that tells me which pin or pins on both the 9 pin, and the 16 pin that should have power. I would like to make sure that the computer is receiving power, before I waste time trying to swap them. (I don't believe it is, and I hope it's not... the much easier and cheaper fix is wiring, or sensors, vs ECU replacement)

Another issue that I'm having, which may or may not be related:

When I turn on the ignition switch on the panel for the starboard motor, I get no warnings at the panel or at the dash, and the motor starts with no issue at the helm or by jumping the starter.

When I turn on the ignition switch on the panel for the port motor, I get no warning at the panel, but I do get a "V-Drive" warning light at the helm. I disconnected the green wire on the only electrical connection that I saw on the V-Drive, and the light turned off. Still no power to the fuel pump or to the port motor. I tried jumping out whatever sensor or switch that is by connecting the two wires together, and still no power. The fault light on the dash turns off when I disconnect the green wire, or touch the two wires together, but neither scenario changes my power situation to the port motor. What does the sensor on the V-Drive sense? (temp?, oil level?) The oil in the V-Drive is a little milky, but it's full. The sensor doesn't seem to be any faults triggered from anything to do with the transmissions. Messing with the sensor on the V-Drive turned the fault light off.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) oil pressure dropped, now wont start

Hi All,
Back with another never ending problem. Took it out Saturday. All was sounding great. All indicators were good (engine temp, oil pressure) on both engines. After about, maybe 30 minutes, I noticed starboard side, oil pressure dropped from 1/2 indicator to 1/4 indicator. Everything still sounded fine and functioned fine, so I returned back to dock to not do any damage in case there was some serious problem. I was not sure if it was just the dash board display. But got side tracked and did not restart the engine after docking to see if it would pop back to normal. Anyway, then I proceeded to change oil on both engines, as it was on add mark. yes I had neglected changing timely matter and checking. after changing oil and filter (correct oil and filter as recommended by mercruiser ), I started the starboard engine, at least attempted. nothing happened. did not turn over. when i listened i the engine room, there was a wining, ticking noise. after a friend of mine checked around, notice sound and vibration was coming from, i believe fuel pump. see picture attached. I had the fuel pump replaced 8/2016. did not put that much time between than and now, so not excessive used, I suspected oil pump, or oil pressure switch or something. I will talk to my mechanic tomorrow, but any ideas from anyone here, what it may be. by the way port engine, oil change was success, all worked, and that's my usual troubled engine. thanks in advance for your input. also this is a mercruiser 7.4 mpi. 200 model.

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View the latest post Odd Travel Lift

Thought some of you here would like to see the weird looking travel lift we have at my former marina and where I store the boat for winter. I do believe this is a one of a kind. Gas engine which operates the hydraulic drives and rams. shorten, widen, the vertical legs can be moved up or down as well as vertical travel on each wheel section. Different from the normal variety is this is purpose built for launching on a ramp.

Backed under boat adjusting the slings,


Off the blocks and ready to roll


On the way to the ramp


A few photos by the staff


Backing down the ramp


Picture of a sail boat once the rig is in the water.


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