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View the latest post Water fill and pump out

Good Morning All,
So I know there is a gas tank full on the stern that definitely goes to the gas tank. I seen another fill to the port side. Would that be the water fill? Is the holding tank pump out location on the starboard side? How does that work? Do I have a pump on board that pumps it out or does the dump site have a sucking pump? It almost looks like the whole holding tanks is under the toilet. Where does the shower water go then? Is there another tank for that? Does anything get pumped out of the boat to the lake? I just don't want to accidentally do something dumb :banghead:

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View the latest post Any ideas where the access is to the tanks

Good Morning All,
So I briefly looked for the hatch to the tanks and the box that lets you mount a transducer. I cannot find as of yet. The kitchen floor has some nasty tile in it. If I need to, I can create a hatch but would like to find where they have it. It is a Carver Mariner 33', 77'.

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View the latest post Compass is leaking

Good Morning All,
I noticed the compass is leaking. Can I refill it with mineral oil? Of course I would need to find the leak. It is a rather nice looking compass or I would not care.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Radar uses

Good Morning All,
So my 77' Carver has a very old Raytheon radar. I'm not sure if it works yet. I am curious what is the purpose of radar? Is it just good for night and fog? Does it tell you the location of other boats or does it tell you weather fronts, or both?
I am just wondering to determine how much I really want it to work. I will be boating in Lake Michigan. Most of the time within 10 miles of shore but occasionally I will cross the lake, which is maybe 60 miles where I will cross.

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View the latest post From old to new;Wash, polish, wax?

Good Morning All,
I have the 1977 Carver that sat for 5 years. It is not very clean or shiny. How do I restore it to it's glorious shine, or at least the best that it can get? Do you have any product names that you recommend? My thought was:
- wash and scrub it 1st
- depending how shiny it is or not, polish it with 1 or maybe 2 different grits of polish
- final would be a wax and buff
Does this sound correct? Like I said, any product recommendations?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) 1977 Carver Mariner 33'

Good Morning All,
So briefly...this boat sat since 2008. It was winterized and shrink wrapped by the marina so that is a plus. I prepped the boat for transport across WI on Monday however they got hit with another 4"-9" of snow. Uggg...
So I have new batteries in it but did try to turn it over yet. I examined the hull, looks ok but I think I will pull the screws out of the port trim tab, goop them with 3m 5200 and screw it back in b4 launch on Sat. Should be interesting. I will have my deck boat there in case it won't start and will purchase a additional bilge pump just in case.
I obviously have a lot to work on but my 1st question...
How do you get the shine back on this thing? Can you do that while it sits in the marina or will my new boat neighbors frown on this kind of thing? Should I drive it out in the lake to do it? Just curious, I never really had a slip b4 and I am not sure of the unspoken rules.
Thanks and I am sure I will have a billion more questions.

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View the latest post Plumbing Problems

Hi My name is Ted Silbert, I own a 1993 Mariner 330. I love the boat, but I don't love the space to do any work on it. Carver makes the best layouts in a boat, but the engineers forgot that someone has to work on them down the road. Anyway, I have a leaking fresh water holding tank, or some fitting attached there. I haven't found it yet, but I work on it every weekend. Was wondering if anybody else has a mariner similar to mine and if they experienced any problems like mine. Part of my problem is that someone put hardwood flooring in my boat and I think they made the hatch to the holding tanks half the size, so I cant really even get the tanks out without ripping the floring out and I don't want to do that. Does anybody know the maximum pressure the tanks can be under before leaking starts. I just ordered a pressure regulator and I'm hoping by droping the pressure I can solve my problem. Does anyone know of common problems in this area, and the fix.
Thanks for listening

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View the latest post New '1977' Carver Mariner 33' - Lake Michigan

Good Morning All,

We are on our way to prepare our new boat for transportation across wi. It sat for the last 5 yrs. we of course got a bargain but at what cost? I will attempt to start the engines so hopefully we won't have to tow it to the slip. We never had a boat this big and it will be an adventure. I've been following these forums and hopefully learned enough, for now. I am sure I will have many questions to come.


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View the latest post 1987 Carver 3207

We bought this boat last fall and have been waiting all winter for the ice to go to get it back in the lake. Might be a while yet as it's supposed to hit -31 celsius tonight.
I have e-mailed Carver at least three times looking for the owner's manual and they always reply that someone will get back to us but they never have.
Does anyone have any ideas where to get a manual?

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View the latest post Needed Cradles, but not at a $ 1400.00 cost.

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