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View the latest post My A/C Diagnosis

I had the marine air conditioning guy out to my boat yesterday. After checking everything out the diagnosis is the electronic card that controls the unit is bad.

We headed up to a local marine store. He had me order a new card and a new thermostat. By my paying for it I did save some markup that he would have charged had he ordered the parts. My unit is a 1996 model Cruiseair. While I could have adapted the current thermostat to the new card I chose to get both new as like I said the unit is 22 years old. Also, there are some electronics in the thermostat.

He did make sure that the rest of the unit is functioning as it should. He jumpered out the electrical to by-pass the electronics. He did both running both the A/C and the heat cycle. Both cycles worked as they should. The A/C blew cold 54* air out the vent and the heat side worked too.

The parts cost $678.40 so that will be added to my how much I spent this season total. I was prepared to go possibly with a new unit but the old one is working as it should. The parts + labor will be less than a new unit. Fingers are crossed that this will fully repair the unit. Parts should be in hopefully next week. I could be sleeping aboard soon. It's just to warm aboard without the working A/C.

Of course I will have to pay for his labor once the job is complete. Probably another $400 to $500 depending on his hourly rate.

B.O.A.T. Break out another thousand.

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View the latest post Santa Cruz steering cable???

Hi all.....I am Eddie from Lauderdale and am picking up my 86 Carver Santa Cruz 26 next Saturday. Question....Does the Santa Cruz use a steering cable between the two helms? Would it still be available??

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View the latest post Sporadic Alarm on take off 326 AFT

2000 326 Aft that periodically an alarm sounds when I throttle up to get up on plane. When I back off to idle speed the alarm stops but I have to throttle down to zero power (although I leave in gear).

Once I completely throttle down I can take off fine with no alarm.

Doesn’t happen every time either....any ideas?

Thanks guys

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View the latest post Gulf of Mexico Trip Cruising Lifestyle

Okay friends so my boat is in the Galveston/Houston Texas area and I need to get her home. I have been quoted some crazy shipping prices to get her home, one was even comical to my broker and my mechanic in the area. So after speaking with an experienced captain/mechanic who has made this trip numerous times and I am told he could almost do it with his eyes closed.
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets drive this baby home or as far home as I can come with her. I mean all the maintenance is done on the engines and generator, so why not? Props are being finished and polished so they should work as designed.

Boat is going to stay on a reservoir that is 16 miles wide and 7 miles long that is land locked. I am not exactly going to have room to stretch her legs so to speak if I don't take this trip. Besides can't I call this a bucket list trip because how often do with get to do something like this trip? Just going to use the boat for my daughter and her friends to jet ski back up too. At 17, she isn't going to want to hang around her 51 year old daddy and mother much longer, so I am hoping this will entice her too :-P

So I have some concerns and simply wanted your input on how you would plan for this trip. We are going to bring the boat to New Orleans and up the Mississippi River to a old town called Vicksburg MS. From there it is only an hour to where my boat slip is located.

So my concerns are the fuel that is in the fuel tanks currently. Not sure how much fuel is in the tanks, but wouldn't it be wise to pour some additive in them to dry up any water that might have accumulated over these past few years and maybe some octane boost as well?

I would prefer to run them almost to empty on this trip to clean out the tanks as best as possible. In doing this I was going to pick up 2 new fuel water separators and new fuel filters even though they will be brand new at the start of this journey. Who knows what they will get clogged up with on this 3 or 4 day trip.

For my experienced boating friends in the forum, can you give me some advice on how you would prepare for this trip? I will have plenty of refreshments on board, supplies, all the tools I can possibly bring with me, cell phones if they will even work and the navionics boating app as a back up. It will only be the captain and a buddy of mine on this trip.

Thank you for your responses and happy boating :beergood:

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View the latest post 1998 Carver 405 New Owner

Well everyone, I plan on learning as much as possible from everyone and then sharing as much as possible as well in the coming months/years.

I have found this forum to be extremely valuable and we should ALL DONATE and CONTRIBUTE to the ones making our boating lives easier. Especially considering how much time and money they save us.

I am a complete newbie here but I have learned so much already.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone in this post. :worthy: :usa:

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View the latest post Attachment(s) International Harvester Diesels

Are there any owners who have the IH v8 diesels from Pleasurecraft Marine? Mine are fine but it would be nice to compare notes. Thanks.

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View the latest post 1987 Carver 32 mariner

Hello new to carver my name is Erik. I was wondering what transmissions my vdrives are in a 1987 carver mariner 32 with mercruisers?. Or were the Information might be. Second question is there two parts to the drive and 2 different oils or atf just for both?

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View the latest post Howdy from Potential New 530 Voyager Owner

Hello all,

My family and I are looking at a new to us, 1999 Carver 530 Voyager and wanted to pop in and say hello!

I am a member of several other boards that relate more to my business but I am new to the Yacht scene. I hope to learn lots from you guys and gals and hope to one day be able to help others that are in the same place as I am today.


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View the latest post Leak at fresh water tank

Hello, I am looking to buy a 1993 350 Aft Cabin. According to the owner the only mechanical issue is there is a small leak at the fresh water tank. He said to tighten fitting you have to remove the bed in the aft cabin and he did not repair due to not having time to fix it. My question is that major surgery, and how would one know if simply a loose fitting, or if there is a more serious issue? Can you see the connection from another location in the boat to make that diagnosis? I have not been on the boat yet and have not looked to see how bed was constructed to determine if I wish to tackle this job. I have been on the outside and looks great. This Saturday I will be looking entire craft over and could sure use some things to look for or watch out for.

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View the latest post Replacing 3 strand anchor rode with 8-plait?

My 1987 3607 still has its original anchor rode - 5/8" 3 strand and 15' of chain. The windlass is a Good model 5/8. The 3 strand tends to become a "bird's nest" in the rope locker. Untangling the mess doesn't prevent it from happening again. I've read that switching to 8-plait rode can solve the problem but to check with the windlass manufacturer first.

Good Windlass has no information on anyone trying 8-plait so they don't know if it would work with their windlasses.

Has anyone out there tried 8-plait with an older windlass?

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