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View the latest post Winterizing to leave in water

Question for a newbie with a 3807,
In north Alabama water temp would rarely if ever get below freezing, except maybe a little thin surface ice during rare cases. I have blown air through my plumbing lines, run antifreeze through the heads and cold water lines. I have an “Extreme” engine compartment heater going. There is a strainer for the a/c’s and generator and two open cooled engines with no strainers I have yet to address. So far lowest temp in engine compartment recorded is 49 when air temp at night outside has be in the 20s. Cabin lowest temp was 38. I still plan on at minimum blowing out a/c lines and closing remaining seacocks. Should I antifreeze gen and engine blocks? Is just draining them enough? Leave them alone and just close seacocks? Do I need to crank engines periodically from now till March? Do I need a heater in the salon? I’m sure once I get a couple of winters under my belt and / or get to know my neighbors it will get better, I just need some advice to get through this first winter. Colder weather is coming.

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View the latest post 350 Mariner Holding Tank

I have a specific question on a 1998 carver 350 mariner. Where is the holding tank and can you visually see it inside the cabin? Which floor board is it accessible to view?

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View the latest post mercruiser 4.7 manifold and riser replacement

Here we are another season is over, when it starts, I am already lined up with work :-(
Basically I was told I need to replace my mercruiser 4.7 manifold and riser on both engines, as I have been apparently very lucky that my 2000 carvers original manifold and riser have not given up yet, but they are ticking bomb at this point. I did research and looks like that I have been lucky, as these things needs to be replaced every 5-6 years I read everywhere and been told by everybody. So there goes more green stuff :captain: Any input, suggestions, comments appreciated as always. Luckily, so far nothing happened, as in water leaking into engines.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) What to Use?

Pulling a radio head and Raymarine radar/nav unit off the helm of my 2003 356. There will be a hole left after the install of the new equipment. What and where do I get and use as the filler to cover the space? Planned on having something custom cut to the shape of the space then cut new holes to install the new equipment.

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View the latest post Define CLF code in laymen's term

This may be a duplicate post. Submitted 11/19/18 but it did not appear. I have a Marine Air 16,000 BTU A/C unit with reverse cycle heat on my '95 Mariner 330. At the beginning of the '18 season it ran fine, after not being used for the previous 10 years. Mid season it started to turn off the cooling, and displays a CLF error code on the control panel. Seems intermittent. The heating works just fine. The manual for the unit defines this code as "no compressor load fault". The manual goes on to say " A CLF occurs when the compressor has been on for 1/2 second and no current is flowing in the compressor circuit, such as when the head pressure switch is open. This fault is cleared the next time the compressor tries to turn on and no other faults exist." What does this mean in regular guy talk? Could it be from low water flow? There is a filter with two wing nuts holding the top down. I cleaned that out. The metal filter in there was real muddy, so I am thinking maybe the hose on either side of the filter could still have some residue. But again, the heat works fine. Maybe the heat takes less water flow to operate? Anyway, no info in manual to tell me how to prevent or remedy the situation. Any A/C techs out there that can break this down for me? Any help from anybody is appreciated.

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View the latest post 444 / 396 enclosed aft deck drain scuppers

On the aft enclosed deck of my 444 there are 2 drain scuppers. (they maybe there on a 396 also) They are in the rear of the deck, one in each corner. Does anyone know where they drain? One is blocked and water will not drain. Since they are in the enclosed area, they are not subject to debris or leaves. Any ideas?

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View the latest post Walter V Drive Winterizing Question

I winterized my closed loop system buy pulling the exit line out of the V drive system, shoving a funnel into it, and feeding antifreeze through it until it came out of the heat exchanger. I also pulled the exh manifold plugs, and blew out the V drives. (just hooked a shop vac up to the exit port, until nothing came out of the water inlet that is fed from the Perko strainer) I shoved an 1 1/4" hose into the perko strainer, with my hand cupped over the end, and forced most of the water out, and filled those with antifreeze as well.

My question is:

1) do I need to do anything else with the Walter V-drives to make sure that they're good for the winter?


2) given that Walter recommends pulling the top cap and inspecting seasonally, would it make more sense to do it now, and dump some antifreeze in the coolant passage, and leave it loose for the offseason?

It is my understanding that Walter recommends a new gasket at the top of the V-drive, but would a premium RTV work as well? Doesn't seem like it gets much pressure.

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View the latest post Clarion CMD5 Helm volume control issue

The wife & I just bought a 2006 Carver 36 MY. It has the factory installed Clarion CMD5 head unit in the salon with speakers on the salon area and aft berth, plus 2 speakers at the Helm.

My question is how to play the radio or CD for the helm area, adjusting the Helm volume via the "remote" helm controller without blasting out the salon area ? is there a "zone" control similar to what Fusion does?

we're not ready to change out electronics just yet, try to understand and work with what we just acquired.

Insight would be much appreciated.

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View the latest post Sheets and how to make them fit

The wife & I just bought a 2006 Carver 36 MY. The PO had installed a larger foam topper on the aft berth bed. The fwd berth bed is factory mattress and very oddly shaped.

Those with similar layouts, what have you done? Meaning, have you purchased sheet sets (what size?) and done what to make them tuck in/fit? The wife thinks the aft berth is close to Queen size, I'm leaning closer to "full" size. As for the fwd berth, I'm guessing at least a queen, if not King, to wrap that odd shaped mattress?

We're thing of using suspender clips with elastic webbing, and fashioning 45 degree corner "snuggies" underneath the mattress.

Your thoughts and idea's much appreciated.

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View the latest post Weeks to Boating/Golf....20...

So another boring winter for those of us in the frozen north and the local sign has now reappeared much earlier than usual. Now my guess is, this might not be too interesting to some on this forum but for most , they will have some way of passing on info and maybe some humorous info to pass by the winter. So share.

Nevertheless here we go........ :beergood: ...... :popcorn:

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