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View the latest post Question about using the generator

Alright, this may be the winner for dumbest question of the week. We are finally ready to move our new (to us) 3807 from one side of the state to the other, to get it close to home. Looks like it will be about a two day trip. Wife has come up with a menu that will require mostly heating with a microwave, but maybe a little oven work too. Is it ok to run the generator and be in the galley cooking while underway? Additionally, should we run with the forward hatch open for fresh air? Previous owner said he never operated from the lower helm so he didn’t know about all the exhaust and air current stuff you read about.

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View the latest post 454 TBI XL Recommended Spark Plugs and Timing

Changed the plugs at the beginning of the year, but the mechanic thinks I may have fouled them out running that bad gas through the motor. I installed RV8C's, copper plus, marine plugs, mostly because they came with the boat. I'll probably use an NGK plug next year, after I get my issues worked out. Pulling a plug from either motor shows that they're both running a bit rich. I have them gapped at 0.040. Recommendations online range from RV8C to RV12C for my motors, 0.035 gap. Wondering if I should go to a hotter plug, or leave it a little rich. Plug isn't wet, just a little black and sooty.

Fairly confident that my issue isn't fuel related at this point, unless its in the throttle body (possibly a plugged injector). The left injector has a slightly different spray pattern and an occasional "drip" vs mist, but it seems to be getting enough fuel, if not a bit rich.

I checked the timing, the port motor reads 14 degrees at idle (around 750), the STBD motor reads 18. When you swap the timing plug to set timing the boat idles slower (around 500) and timing goes down to around 10-12 for the port motor, and is around 14-16 for the STBD motor. The STBD motor is the motor that's giving me trouble (popping through the carb under load, and at random). The rotator/top side of the distributor (forgot the name of the gear looking piece at the top that usually wears out) does not have any play. The dist. gear and/or thrust washer at the bottom of the distributor has a small amount of play. As a result timing varies +/- 2 degrees on the starboard motor, but mechanic says it shouldn't be enough to give us the issue we're having. The advance for the Port motor goes up to around 36 degrees full advance, but the Starboard motor goes up to around 45. Seems way high. (changed the cap and rotor as well, rotor had a mild amount of corrosion)

Any idea as to why, or how to correct it?

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View the latest post Looking for 530 owners. A few questions.

G'morning all.

We are preparing to buy our next boat and retire to a cruising lifestyle. We're largely "off-gridders" who prefer to drop a hook in a quiet cove somewhere. At the very top of our list is the 1999 to 2006 530 Voyager Pilothouse with Cummins 6CTA engines. I've read all of the manuals, toured the factory, and been aboard a couple of 530s that were for sale. At this point, we'd really like to get some information from actual owners about their actual use and experiences.

1. What engines do you have?

2. At what speeds do you normally run your boat, on plane or more like a trawler at seven or eight knots?
2a. What has been your fuel burn rate at those speeds?

3. During a cruise, do you anchor out (or mooring ball) or spend most nights in a marina?

4. For those that travel slow and anchor out, how is the side-to-side roll when underway compared to other boats you've been on or traveled with? (of course, wind and current and other boat traffic is a major factor)

5. Have you ever crossed over to the Bahamas? If so, how fast did you go across the Gulf Stream?

6. Any issues with the boat that you would consider a flaw with the model? For example, have you had any issues with windows or hatches leaking?

Thanks for any details.


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View the latest post prep for elegance install

Well today was the day we picked, warm under the tarp, cold and damp in the boat though, but......Went to remove the old electric macerator pos noise maker. Hard to believe you could get excited about toilets but with this one I am thrilled it is out and in a garbage bag in the garage.The hardest part was cutting the white discharge hose.We will put all new, all cleaned up and ready for the spring..... :down:

Now have to bide my time, be patient and watch amazon for a marine elegance on sale deal, I am now hooked after the charger steal. :-D

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View the latest post Oxidation Build Up In Distributor Cap

So not knowing the last time the plugs, cap and rotor were looked at or changed I thought I'd put it on the winter 2 do list. Went to double check on the style of distributor and rotor before ordering them and low and behold the contacts in the distributors were built up with quite a bit of oxidation, almost 1/4" thick. A winter project for sure now. Does anyone have any tricks when installing the new caps and rotors that could or should be done to minimize this type of build up in the future. There seemed to be no gasket, should I silicone seal the cap? Apply a spray? Or is this just the nature of the marine beast?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) 444/44/396 turbo not spooling up

Bought a 2005 44 with volvo diesels that have under 300 hrs . At sea trial in TN it ran perfect . Survey showed air filters were deteriorating so the seller replaced them . Boat was piloted from its slip to travel lift then to trailer and transported to AZ .
Now the starboard turbo doesn't spool up . Is there a line or hose or something they may have accidentally broke or disconnected that would prevent the turbo from working ?
Engines start and run perfect but , no starboard turbo . :cry: :help:

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View the latest post 444/44/396 salon sliding door problem

I have a 2005 44 cpmy . The sliding door into the salon is hard to slide . I have cleaned the tracks as good as one can , that didn't help . I tried SailKote dry lube , that didn't help . Any ideas ? :captain:

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View the latest post 88 Carver ,Crusader engine swap?

HI All
New to me 88 carver 2897 mariner, HAs one bad motor, Wondering if I can swap a Mercruiser 5.0? Just engine. Bilge flooded.

I think its easier and cheaper then rebuilding the crusader. Will this work.. Both Inboards of course.


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View the latest post air condition a Carver Riviera

I would like to add A/C unit with Heat pump to my 1986 Carver Riviera 2807. What size unit is best (Btu) and is it available in Ontario?.

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View the latest post Volt meter switches on a 3807

Hi Guys,
We just purchased a 1988 3807 and are getting to know this boat. During the sea trials, the surveyor marked the volt meters at the upper and lower helm as INOP. In digging around, I found two independant switches for these meters to be turned on or off in the hanging closet in the aft berth. Is there any reason NOT to leave them on? They don't work unless each engine key is on. I can't figure the reason to have them switched in the closet anyway.


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