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View the latest post 1979 25-foot Santa Cruz

Hello! Let me start by saying I am not a sailor and am here because I very desperately need advice...if you're reading this and can't help but know someone who might be able to, it'd be greatly appreciated if you could pass this on.
The story is this: recently the subject boat came (more or less) into my possession--at least I have taken basic responsibility for it--and I'm trying to find out if it's even salvageable and if I can find it a home. I don't have the money or even the interest in restoring it (if it can be) and don't even know if it's worth having a survey done upon it.
But I do have an appreciation for beautiful (or what could be beautiful) things, and simply don't want to see this go to waste if someone can take it on. To simply put an ad out to have it towed off (it does have what looks to be a solid trailer) might mean that it's just scrapped and cut up...and I'd rather that was the last option. And I don't want to be forced into that.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,
ps/ these smiley things really, REALLY creep me out as I'm trying to write.

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View the latest post Looking for a windshield part…

Would anyone know where I can purchase parts for a windshield on my 2001 350 Mariner?
Looking for a missing joining piece at the very centre of the windshield.
Any suggestions you may have will be greatly appreciated.


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View the latest post 396 Side Window

Has anyone had to replace or repair one of the long side windows in the main Solon of a 396? I'm wondering what type of sealant would be best to use to re-install the window?

IF your curious...

This is what I ran into:

Port side aft window of the main salon tinting began to flake off and look unsightly
I removed the window only to find that the glue that held in the window was adhered to the black tinting and because the tinting had failed, the sealant in many places was no longer holding the window in place.

I have the window at a graphics shop now to have Vinyl installed

after the first of the year I should have it back and will begin the installation process.

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View the latest post Crusader 8.2L 502XL oil recommendation

Hi everyone, just bought this boat a few months ago. Can anyone give me advise on what oil and filters to use on my 1997 Carver 455 with Crusader 502XL series engines. They have approx 750 hours on them. Also, oil recommendations to use on the Koehler 10KW generator? Appreciate any help! Thanks.

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View the latest post Engines will not reach RPM

Good morning all. I am desperate to find information on how to repair my 2001 570 Voyager. First let me say this a beautiful well maintained, updated boat with around 900 fresh water hours. The specifications are as follows;

Engines-Cummins QSM11 535s Serial # Port 35016246, Starboard 35015841
Transmissions- Twin Disk

My issues are:
1) Port transmission seems to have a vibration that throws the engine into limp mode and will not allow speed of more then 1400 rpm. Throttles are slow to respond on both sides and I have to move half way up to get response.
2) Starboard engine will not exceed 1800 rpm.
3) The transmissions do not shift into gear smoothly. Slight bump when moved into drive mode

Known and recent repairs and service calls:
1) The previous owner replaced the starboard transmission which may account for the vibration due to misalignment???
2) Both drive shafts, props, bearings and rudders have been replaced or repaired due to a cable wrapping around the starboard prop.
3) Local Cummins technicians were paid $1,500.00 to diagnose engines under sea trial to determine RPM issues. They were unable to get a connection to the ports during this service call. I never received a report, only a bill.
4) Local marina (who is a Carver dealer) maintenance crew is completely clueless and the above incident with Cummins has me suspicious of any repair crews.

Any and all responses and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Engine room access stairs

Anybody ever repair/replace the stairs that you lift to access your engine space (in my case, forward of salon)? Mine have been pretty Frankensteined by the previous owner, and are becoming a problem so just looking for anyone who has messed with them. I'm considering just finding a carpenter to build something from scratch but I'm afraid that if I rip out the old ones I'll never get it right again.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Transom Box Locks

Hi Everyone,

This lock on my 355 transom box was corroded and wouldn't lock. Cam was frozen and I broke it off.

So............3 weeks ago, everything in the box was stolen. Ughhhhh.

Does anyone know what the specs are for this lock? I didn't remove it and would like to get it ordered. I didn't see it in the parts manual for the 1998 355 Aft.


Any help would be super outstanding.

Be Safe, Greg

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View the latest post Greetings all ... thank you for the add

We are in the process of buying a 2000 Trojan 440 Express (by Carver). A survey is being done next week. We're hoping that everything goes well. I would also like what the Carver family here thinks of this boat, I know that's a loaded question because of each's own opinions and preference .... but take it easy on me, I'm new here.
I am a dIY with a mechanical engineering and fabrication background. This is our 6th boat in 30 years of boating. We are actively involved in the Coast Guard Auxiliary where I'm a coxswain.
We are in the Southcoast of MA (Buzzards Bay).

Best Regards
Tony & Alice

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View the latest post Custom Anchor Rode

My boat came with 250' of all chain rode. Although it will definitely hold best in all conditions just due to the weight of the chain I am considering going to about 40' of 5/16" SS chain and 125, of 5/8" 8 plait rope. Chosen size is what the Maxwell 800 winch calls for. http://marinewarehouse.net/images/ancho ... manual.pdf

Why? There is no suspension on all chain which can get noisy not to mention impact forces in bad conditions. I do have a bridle that I use to add suspension once in a while but a bit of a pita to deploy. Plus I have alway wondered how in the heck can I cut free in an emergency unless I carry bolt cutters on board which would not be exactly easily done in an emergency situation.

Looking at a company in Florida that can make it custom to my choice of materials. Anyone dealt with Dark Horse Marine or have a recommendation? https://darkhorsemarine.com/

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View the latest post Attachment(s) 12 Years in water at Marina

I'm looking at a Carver with twin Ford 351s. The boat seems in good shape but needs some exhaust manifolds attention. The interior has been gone thru with new equipment, etc.

The reason for my post is to solicit opinions based on the fact that for the past 12 years the boat has sat in marinas. Nine years with the previous owner who used it as a liveaboard and fixed nothing. Cheap rent on the water I guess. The last 3 years has been spent with the current owner who had the boat towed to his marina where he has been working on mostly the interior and otherwise bringing the boat up to snuff. He even recently had it hauled and bottom painted with new zincs installed.

Unfortunately the current owner is of I'll health which is why I'm now looking at it.

My question is... Although the boat is being offered to me at a very attractive price, should I pass on this "opportunity" JUST because the boat has been sitting for 12 years in salt water?

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