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View the latest post For Sale Metal Radar Arch with light

I have a metal radar arch off of a 1994 Santego, with light for sale in Ashtabula, Ohio. Asking $500 OBO.
Thank you!

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View the latest post Propellers

hello: i have a 2000 carver 450 voyager pilothouse purchased in 2016.
volvo tamd74p 480 hp ea. zf 280-1 2.27:1 transmissions
can anyone with the same boat tell me what your prop size is.
carver tells me this boat left factory in 2000 with 28 x 34 props
i purchased the boat from the original owner.
the props from the orig owner are 28 x 30.2 (4 inches less pitch.)
i talked with the orig. owner and he can not remember and does not know why
i am only traveling 15 to 16 knots at 2200 RPM after talking with carver and
looking at the boat specs i should be traveling more like 20 knots and
carver does agree. my WOT should be 2600 rpm and i am getting
2625 to 2680 both engines.
if anyone could give me some feedback it would be great
thanks, john

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View the latest post Winter storage - Condensation, dehumidification

We have had a weird winter so far - freezing, mostly, but warmer than normal with a few really cold nights followed by really warm spring like days. This is a recipe for bad condensation.

I was in the 3867 Santego to pull the inop ice maker and see if I could fit a replacement and when I kneeled down, the salon carpet was soaking wet. The boat is wrapped, and I see no leaks, so this is definitely condensation.

Obviously, I yanked up the carpet and put as much stuff under it as I could find to promote airflow.

Then I put a few different no-damp jobs around the place. But I started thinking about these costly things and what a total hack they are. Why can't I dehumidify the living space properly using a dehumidifier??

This could be done when the weather is warm (after cold snaps) during the fall and spring days and could even be done on a humidistat so that no one actually needs to be there.

I have two issues with running a dehumidifier - one is that our marina does not allow overnight power during the winter months, and second is that dehumidifiers do not work in cold weather (unless they're special industrial low temperature jobs).

Any thoughts on this?

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View the latest post Replacement Light Housing

In the process of converting all of the house lights to LED bulbs on our 2003 356. Learned the hard way the housing is very brittle as I have broken two so far. The trim ring is fine its the plastic lip around the housing that the trim ring twists on to that has broken. Now the lense cover won't stay attached. Before I call Carver to see about ordering new housings does anybody have a better (less expensive option)?

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View the latest post Micro Switch corroded

Carver 3007 1981 Aft Cabin
The micro switch under the forward/reverse lever is totally corroded. Can
anybody advise where to get a micro switch replacement?

Salty Cat, Vancouver Canada

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Mid Hibernation Visit

The good news is that in about 90 days from now (actually sounds better then saying 3 months from now..doesn't it? ) and she'll be back where she belongs!
Midway through the hiberbnation and time to 'top off' the batteries. I purchased 2 new batteries in the beginning of 2018 season which are both ASM technology.
I purchased one new deep cycle house battery the beginning of 2017 season and will likely change out the remaining two older units (pushing 5 years) in about 80 days! They were all between 70% and 84% of capacity after about 3 months on the hard.
The reason for 5 batteries: 1 house, 1 generator, 2 x engine starter with a second unit in series with the starboard starter battery for the bow thruster. Both of those are ASM's which are good for starter/bow duty due to their ability to punch out power and recover quickly.
The fever is beginning to strike!

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View the latest post ProMariner Zinc saver opinions

Our recently purchased 2006 Carver 36MY has a Promariner zinc saver system installed , but its been deactivated by P.O.

Before I chase down all the why's, can I get comments on from those who may have installed/used one and the pro'c/con's. Is there certain conditions where it's detrimental?

I went to the Promariner website. The pitch sounds like a win/win, but what has been the real world experience, especially from those in the PNW area, as we are currently moored in Puget Sound.

Looking forward to the feedback.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Shaft Packing Leak?

I have an 88' 3807 with twin Crusaders. As I am new to having a boat like this, i have been crawling over her almost every weekend, trying to get familiar with all the systems, so I can be familiar with everything I can, come boating season. One thing I have noticed is that the packing from each gland where the shafts go through the hull drips a drop about every 5 seconds. Is this normal? That equates to pumping out about 5-7 gallons of water every week or so. This always leaves water in the keel as well. Has anyone every replaced packing while in the water? I am thinking i will see if i can tighten it some this weekend. I think the shaft is 1-1/8". Does anyone know packing size?
Thanks in advance,

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View the latest post Added Blue Tooth adapter to AUX input

Our 2006 Carver has factory Clarion CMD4 stereo head unit. In today's environment, streaming via Blue Tooth is the norm.

So, the wife helped me install a Fusion MS-BT-100 Blue tooth adapter to the AUX inputs on on our Clarion CMD4 head unit, which also has Sirius Satellite connections as well (but we won't pay for a subscription).

The install was easy, after accessing inside the cabinet to get to "backside" of Head unit.
Connect Red & White Aux RCA jacks, then cut and crimp red wire connection to unit red wire switched power and cut crimp black wire to unit black wire ground.

I placed the "puck" as high in the cabinet as i could, and tie wrapped it in place, then powered on and streamed from y phone, both in the salon cabin and also at the helm. I think it's a great $45 upgrade and would recommend to anyone wishing they could or had BT feature, to consider.

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View the latest post shower sump Rule float switch

It appears our aft shower sump Rule float switch died after 12yrs, so on the way home from the Marina, we stopped by West Marine and picked up Rule 35A float switch to replace it with.

After getting home, I looked it up on Amazon (same price) and was surprised to see numerous recent postings about this model failing in 3-4 months? this has me thinking of installing it with bullet connectors so I can easily replace in the future.

Since this model has the correct foot print for mounting, and I don't wish to re-do all the plumbing for a newer style shower sump box/pump, I plan to give it a try.

Has anyone else come up with a longer lasting/better model, that fits this mounting foot print?

Looking forward to the feedback,

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