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View the latest post Two Happy Days

When the admiral and I bought our first boat 10 years ago some one told me that the two happiest days of ones boating life was the day you bought your first boat and the day to sell your last boat.

We have decided this year to leave the boating world and we have put our Carver 350 up for sale. Among other reasons one of the primary ones is the length (or short) of our season up here. This year was especially trying as we didn't get the boat in the water until nearly the end of May. It is a lot of work and $$$ for 4 months of use.

When she finally sells it will not be a happy day but just a time to move on to other adventures.

This forum has been invaluable to me the advice and guidance I have received up here has been second to none. Thanks to you all for helping me steer through to becoming and competent DIY boater.

I am sure I will still drop by to see what you all are discussing and read along with the banter back a forth.


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View the latest post Cruising Speed/RPM 1987 Mariner 3297

Hi guys.. I'm on my 4th year with an 87 Mariner 3297 and will be doing some longer runs this Summer than normal, so I wanted to get some feedback IF there are any late 80's Mariner owners, or at least similar hull design.

I have twin Crusader 270's with Voyager electronic ignitions (replaced old points distros). Our usual long trips have been around 70-90 miles RT. I have an issue where my port throttle does not scale the same rate as my starboard. They start even, but mid way I have to throttle-up the port to keep sync. Towards the top end (3200-3400) it gets closer, but still does not even out. I can get to about 4100 WOT on each. Last summer, port side blew head gasket (hour meter reads 750, but three have been several owners, and not sure if its original hour meter, or original gasket on engine).

I replaced Head Gasket, and could never seem to get port to run/feel right. Well, this summer, it "seems" to have settled in. I did have the heads re-done when I replaced the head gasket, so I don't know if it had to break-in a bit or what. I also replaced the carb on that side (when I was trying to get it right after the head gasket replacement). So I don't know if the throttle scaling has anything to do with the new carb, or if port is just getting tired. I did a compression test, and all cylinders where all within 5 PSI and if I recall, was 140-150ish PSI (cant recall exactly, but I remember it seemed within spec by the book). To maybe help, I just installed two digital tachometers, so hopefully I will get a more accurate reading. I did not run new wire to the distro though, just used old wiring to new tach.

Aside from that, I was wondering if anyone knows what the cruising speed/rpm (I realize will vary by conditions etc.) of this hull design with my engines. I am trying to determine my GPH for several longer trips. I normally push her at 3200 RPM, but thats primarily because that is the range I grew up with.. seems like most of my boating experience had the crusing RPM at 3200. Realizing that even 100 RPM variance can make a huge GPH change, and (until now) have had no accurate RPM guage, I just want to see what others are running. I dont need to "beat the fleet" but I dont want to run like a snail either. I'm happy at 20 KTS. but more concerned about econemy, and I dont know the sweet spot yet on this vessel.

I'm starting to look into fuel-flow guages, but didnt know those could be installed easily on such an old boat.

Any input, suggestions etc.. would be greatly appreciated.

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View the latest post New Forum Member 1987 Mariner 3297

Hi everyone..

I have a 1987 Mariner 3297, on my 4th season and my wife and I absolutely love this boat. It's difficult to beat the interior of the 32' boat for size, comfort and amenities.

I found this forum while trying to get some information, as you can imagine its hard to find current info on a 31 year old vessel! So I'm hoping there are some salty ol' skippers here that might be able to help. I'll post my questions on the other board as this is for introduction.

We moor at Elba-Mar Boat Club in Grosse Ile, Michigan. Get about 4 months per season, sometime a 5th if we're lucky. We are primarily destination boaters, although we do have several anchoring spots near home port for day and overnight hook trips. I have been boating the Great Lakes since I was a kid (40+ years) and it's our passion each Summer.

Previously I owned a 1987 Imperial 240FC (my first boat) and a 1989 Four Winns 285 Vista. Grew up on 1972 Marinette 26, 1986 Trojan F32, 1987 Cruisers 297 Elegante, 1989 Silverton 37

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View the latest post Waste tank monitor

Ok got some great info with my last question, thanks!

Our Mariner does not have a waste tank monitor and I want to install one.

Looking for suggestions from the experts....

Anyone have the SCAD Solo Tank Monitor? Looks perfect since external probes but looking for real world results.

Thanks in advance!

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View the latest post Attachment(s) What Watch Do You Wear On Board

I am a little nuts when it comes to watches, love them.

Would like to see what you wear on the boat no matter if it is a Timex or a Rolex. i have a rather vast Timex collection also. :captain2:

One of my favorites is my Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Titanium. First introduced in 1954 as a divers watch and still available today in a different edition.


My second often worn boat watch is a Breitling SuperOcean 44 Special Black Steel.


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View the latest post High Idle 454 Crusader XL

Hopefully I don’t cover every issue for these motors, and if the forum would prefer that I use one of my other threads to condense, I will. I figured the issue will be more searchable with a new title, for future reference.

1996 454 Crusader XL, high idle. It won’t idle lower than about 1200 rpm. Intake seems hot to me, but I think that’s just because I’m not used to the closed cooling system. The boat temp stays right around 160 at idle. I’ve idled it at 1,200 rpm for 20+ minutes on multiple occasions, but it doesn’t want to idle below 1200, and it wants to stall if I put it in gear. If I put it in gear and power it up, it’ll stay running. It has power under a load, it just doesn’t want to idle right.

IAF sensor?
MAP sensor?

Are both of these sensors the same for an automotive application as a marine? Other forms suggested going to O’Riely for the parts vs a marine store.

I may still be having an issue with bad gas. I drained the entire system completely at its prior location, but after a 15 mile trip of bouncing around the expressway, it chummed up all sorts of gunk, and with the level of the boat changed, it’s apparent that there was still some bad gas left in the boat. Now my fuel filter clogs up after about 15-20 min of run time. I’m going to temporarily install a 5 gallon can to get it back to the dock, but I’m having the idle issue.

After I get it to the dock I’ll drain the 30 gallons of new gas that I recently put in, after draining the old gas out. I’ll filter it and run it in my truck, and put more new gas in the boat. PITA...

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View the latest post New Guy from Missouri

Hello everyone. I'm new to Carver but not new to boating. Looking forward to learning as much as I can from the seasoned experts here. Thanks for everything you've already taught me.

1989 Carver Voyager 2827

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View the latest post Longest day

So tomorrow is the longest daylight day of the the year......We will have to stay up past our bedtimes to see it get dark.... :lol: ....... :clap: ... :beergood: ... :beergood:

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View the latest post 1994 390 CPMY bank of 4 switches by galley, what’s the one with green LED under it?

New boat. There is a bank of switches by the galley. Three of the switches control galley lighting. Fourth switch has a green LED under it but we cannot figure out what it’s for...any thoughts

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View the latest post Blower system

I am going through this boat system by system and concerning the engine compartment blowers I am a little confused.
When I turn the blower switch on I can hear a blower come on but it seems to be located behind the gas tank. How would I access this blower. And also there are two hoses hanging down from the back scuppers. However, they are not connected to the blower. Is this the correct setup for my boat. Thanks in advance for all the help.
This is a 1977 or 1978 Carver Santa Cruz 2566.

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