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View the latest post Water under port engine and wall

After coming back to my boat after two months I discovered water under my port engine. This is the first time water has pooled under the engine, I have always had some water in the bilge. I started investigating and found wet carpet under the couch against the port wall. I removed the two panels on the wall - one for access and the other for 'extra battery' (and I am really glad there was not a battery there) - the board in the battery compartment was very wet. There is a round access cap toward the aft that I unscrewed, giving access to where the fuel vent is - that area was wet as well. Looking up, there was very wet foam sheets.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I am drying out the boards, trying to dry the foam, and still trying to find the source of the water. I am pretty sure it is rainwater - but again this is the first-time water has pooled under the engine.

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View the latest post ‘88 4207 Forward Head

Need to remove the forward head but I cannot locate the water intake. Any have information on where it would be and how to access it?

Thanks for any help!

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View the latest post Kohler 6.5kw gas generator

I have a Kohler generator and not getting fuel to the fuel filter. I have replaced all fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel pump and main circuit board. also the remote switch does not work as well but did work before this issue. I have had a mechanic isolate the pump and use a gas can with about 5’ of line attached directly to the fuel pump and turns right over and runs. The run from my fuel tanks to the generator is about 10-15 feet. The board is not producing 12 volts when tested in the starting process and have seen in other forums that is an issue and that is why I replaced the board. I’m wondering if there could be an electrical issue somewhere else causing this like in the harnesses or something to do with the remote switch connection. Just would like some ideas.

Thank you

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Carver VS BIG Wave

Oh MY!!! :-O :-O

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View the latest post Interior LED light covers.

Interior LED light covers.Have searched high and low and even bought items that looked to fit only to learn that they did not. If anyone knows of a source for these covers please let me know. The original manufacturer seems to be a company named HERA but have yet to locate the size and design that snaps into place over the light. I could not load images here for some reason here is a link in facebook. TIA!


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View the latest post Attachment(s) Hot water heater leak

Hi folks, this is my first post on the forum. I purchased a 2003 366 Carver a little over a year ago and I am updating and cleaning up issues. My hot water heater is located under the bed in the aft cabin. The hot water tank appears to have been leaking for some time. I believe I can change the hot water heater out ok. What I need help with is the wood under the hot water heater. You can see from the attached pictures that the plywood the tank sits on has become rotten. I am nervous to go in there with a sawzall and cut up the rotten plywood for fear of hitting plumbing, wiring and stringers under the plywood. I think if I want to take the plywood out in one piece, I will also have to remove the freshwater tank as well. Any advice or words of wisdom?

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View the latest post Attachment(s) In Search of DECALS for my 466

Hi team-Carver!

Hope all is well with everyone! As I continue to ready my new (to me!) 2001 466 MY for my first season on the water, I have noted that my boat is quite naked, that is to say, it has none of the original Carver Logos and almost none of the original pinstriping (the boot stripe is there and in good condition - the rest are gone). I am not too concerned about the pinstripe - I can get what I need pretty much anywhere. The logos are another matter.

I have found the correct "CARVER" logo for the transom and upper deck sides (Carver Part #8150466) but cannot find the "FOUR SIXTY SIX" or "MOTOR YACHT" logos (part #s 8148812 and 8148819 respectively) anywhere to date (Etsy, eBay, Great Lakes Skipper, etc). See parts manual pics below. Does anyone have any ideas on where I might be able to find these (or even have them made)? I will continue my hunt but am hoping my trailblazer Carver-cousins may have some clues. Looking forward to any info anyone might have.

Thanks to all,
Dave B
466 exterior logos.png

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View the latest post New Owner

Just purchased a 1990 Carver 3297 Mariner. Should be entertaining to say the least!

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View the latest post New Owner

Hi All,

We finally found and purchased a 1987 4207 last fall. Only had a chance to go out a couple time before we had to winterize. Found a really nice one, right where we wanted to be and can’t wait till spring! Have been doing some work, mostly cleaning and refurnishing on the weekends when weather permits. But, it really doesn’t need much but a little TLC. Just posted a couple pics in my gallery.

I’m sure I’ll have questions as we start getting used to things.

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View the latest post The Documentation Repository topic

Hi All,

Since the sinking of the Carver Yachts website I've provided people with the salvaged manuals, spec sheets and such via this topic and PM's.

At this moment I am setting up the website for all to search, select and download the files.

During building and setting up you can keep a keen eye through this link.

As soon as the files can be selected and downloaded in a more simple way than right now, the site will look nice and have the full list available.

To keep you up to date I opened this topic. To answer a few preliminary questions:

The files will be available for free. I will offer a way to donate to cover cost of hosting. I do not want to bother with annoying advertising to do so. Any funds above the actual cost go to the forum.

The files are available through a webshop system and not a big dump to pick and download because I prefer to have the owners get the files they need for free and not have someone pull them all for selling for a profit on some obscure website.

There will be a login, available through the forum. Just to keep the materials for the right people as mentioned above.

Looks and feel is not ready yet, that's the last thing to do. For the moment it's quite rudimentary and subject to daily changes. That's because I'm learning, tweaking, changing, trying, testing and sometimes I do other things than the site too. Like looking for a boat :confused:

So feel free to have a look, no need to comment on it too much yet as it's a work in progress. It's ok to comment but don't expect me to fix things right away for now. For example only some files can be downloaded right now, others are emtpy. I'm working on skipping some of the steps during the checkout process, after that I'll get back to the actual files (I know what needs to be done there but don't need that for the part I'm working on right now).

I would like to point to this topic though: request topic for some material for the looks of the site later on.

I will announce it here when the site is operational.



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