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View the latest post New Member - First Carver '07 35 SS

Hi all,
Great forum and LOTS to learn.
Will be getting our Carver in two weeks and need to prepare for it's first big trip in maybe 5 years, relocating to its new home in Morehead City, NC. 200 nm trip! Hired a Captain to ride along with and show us the ropes on the ICW.

The marine survey was fairly clean - besides some items to address when we get home (no generator), sea trial passed with flying colors. However, this boat was hardly used in 5 years with remote absentee owner, so it needs some TLC before going underway on a long haul.

1. Before we get underway, it would be great to see your favorite pre-trip checklists so as to avert any easily avoidable problems, is there anything you recommend?

2. Carver stopped publishing a parts book with 2005's. Does anyone know where to locate one for the '07?

3. Shower sump, inop with super stinky water in forward bilge leaking from old sump. Smelling up the whole cabin with a weird indescribable smell. I can't find what the OEM replacement is, does anyone know? What are the best products to clean and rinse the bilge surface and get odor out of everthing?

Thanks in advance!!

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View the latest post Presto Marine dingy lift install on 506?

Has anyone looked into or installed the Presto dingy lift on a 506? I am concerned that the transition from low speed to cruise when the platform tends to be awash that the dink will be dragging too much in the water.

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View the latest post Ignition Issues

I have a 2002 410 Sports Sedan. It has twin 8.1L Mercruisers - 360 HP each. When I first got the boat in June, I was having trouble starting the port engine. Often it would start no problem but after running for a awhile and then turning off to go for a swim or anchor, I couldn't get the engine to turn. would use the generator to power up and eventually replaced both cranking batteries to be safe. turns out the starter was bad and drawing a lot of power. I took that out and had it rebuilt and it turns no problem now.

Interesting enough now, I am having an issue with the starboard engine. If we are on shore power, the engine starts no problem. If I am out for a day anchoring, the engine won't crank at all. I have to turn the he port and after about 2 mins, I can get the starboard to crank no problem. Volts on the cranks are about 12.6 volts before I start the engines which I think is enough power to start.

Any suggestions on what the starboard issue is?

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View the latest post 40’ limit

I am presently at a Parks Canada mooring. I was approached by the warden and told a maximum of 40’ on all moorings. I explained the 40’ yacht near me weighed twice as much and was even longer LOA. He knew this but has to go by the numbers on the boat. Hmmm, he said I was OK for tonight but now I have a new project. Will be lettering my boat 40CMY. :-D

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View the latest post 30A breaker sourcing

My 1994 390CPMY has 2 30A AC push button breakers under a weather proof cap where the shore power inlets are. Anyone have a source for these? I believe one is getting weak and needs replacement.

Thanks as always!


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View the latest post Attachment(s) 506 thruster batteries relocation

So when I moved up from the 44DB to the Carver 506 I knew I was going to miss some of the quality and common sense engineering that I came to enjoy in the Sea Ray. One such goofy thing I decided to change was the access to the engine room. The engine room is accessed via a ladder under the stairs into the cabin. The stairs hinge forward and you climb down a fixed ladder to a landing which you then have to crawl forward five feet on then step down to the center bilge floor where it is almost a stand up situation for servicing the engines. The landing at the foot of the ladder is actually the top of the bow thruster battery box. I have a perfect alternative location for the batteries forward of the genset in the center bilge. There is even a reinforced level floor to support all four batteries. By relocating the batteries (4 Group 31s) forward, I shortened the wire run to the thruster by 15 feet of 04 wire and move the weight forward as well. I removed 100 lbs of King starboard which made up the battery box as well. The biggest improvement though is I now have a nine foot long stand up center bilge that makes working in the ER way more ergonomic. Before, I would have to kneel or sit between the aft half of the engines and drives. I installed a new raised aluminum diamond plate floor to have a level, dry place to stand. I have yet to figure out how to insert pictures to forum posts or I would post some.
Having double the stand up room for ER access is so much nicer now. Next project is to tackle deep cleaning the bilge and prep for paint. I am going to clad the tops of the center engine beams with diamond plate once I take care of some surface corrosion and paint. Having the batteries 12 feet further forward should help the thruster over time and trimming at cruise, have yet to test the latter. It was an ambitious project but honestly it went pretty quickly, I only came up with the idea a week ago.
Carpe Diem

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View the latest post Flush A/C System 450 Voyager

Good morning all.

I have been attempting to flush the raw water lines in the A/C system. No problem with the strainers etc, but still getting HPF issues. Filters are clean (thanks for all the input on that subject) so units are serviced.

Is there a way to flush the system in a recirculating loop or can I only fill till I see it coming out of the drain, turn it off and let it sit for 20-30 minutes? YouTube is great for general info, but I am hoping to hear from folks with the 450 Voyager and how they do this maintenance.

As always many thanks


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View the latest post Odd Charging While Under Way

So we have not plugged into shore power for 11 days and my house bank is taking a beating. dropped it down to about 35% yesterday morning pulled anchor and figured things should charge up nicely on the 4 hour planned trip. All the other batteries start1, start2, Bthruster, Sthruster and genny are all 100% as they are essentially disconnected from the house bank.

That being said, as we started moving along I noticed my USB charger read out at 11.3v?? This is not normal while underway. I went down into the cabin and verified my SOC meter. in a minute or so, it would go from +62 amps which would be normal but then dropped to -45a or so. It kept on doing this for the next 45 minutes until I decided to start up the genny to get the shore power charger kicked on. Well this solved the issue and after about an hour or so I shut down the genny letting the alternator take over which at that point worked as they always did. I should also mention the other batteries were charging fine during the entire weird event floating around 13.9 to 14v while under way.

Another thing, I have dual 135 amp alternators, I would think with a large 435AH depleted house bank I should be charge quite a bit more than 60amps.

What happened? I am certainly at a loss. Only thing I can think of is the isolators do no like a severely low battery? Something is not right and am leaning towards the isolators. Any suggestions before I start discarding good stuff. :-D

Are heading to a Marina today to do laundry and fill water and a much needed over night charge. :pirate:

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View the latest post Carver 360 GA Drawing


I am considering repowering my Carver 360, it came with 2 x Yanmar Diesel Engines 6LPA-STP.
Yanmar local agent is looking for the following info

We need the boat dimension (Loa, Lwl, Bwl, draft and full load displacement).

I have tried reaching out to Marquis and Carver Yachts but understand they are no longer operating.

Can you check if anyone has the info ? I am told the info is available on the GA drawing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated !

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View the latest post Electrics, wire gauges questions

Now that the engines are more or less sorted out, I'm on to get some electric worries overboard by replacing and upgrading the current mix of factory and afterwards installation.

I found quite a number of original cable coding on various places. The plugs here and there are marked (numbered with a marker) as well.

I also have a rudimentary wiring scheme from the manual.

What I aim to do:

replace the ground busbar(s) as these are corroded
replace the aftermarket fuse/switch panels for a face plate with rocker switches and behind it blade fuses in two units.

add some intelligence in battery and shore power monitoring

create a wiring scheme that is correct to this boat (for which I found diagrams.net quite suitable)

If interested I can post my progress on this here for others to get inspired and to ask for information on details.

My thoughts/questions for now:

AC shore power: where is the original location of the shore power plug on a 26 / 28 sedan? Mine is right in the way (pointing to the left, mounted on the right inside the rear of the cockpit) when stepping aboard through the little door aft. I have seen some mounted on the very aft pointing aft, into the air so to speak. I have some stainless covers there.

I'm considering moving this to the other side where the cooking gas box is mounted on the swimming platform. And replace it for a Euro-plug version

DC power:
is there a list to get an idea of what AWG wiring I should use? Some part of the wiring is original but I find it hard to determine what AWG is used. There aren't many different sizes used but still, using the thickest cables everywhere is also has disadvantages.

Is there any information on what was plugged where? I have the basic scheme but how it was laid out in the boat is sometimes a bit of a mistery.

Especially the flybridge is a huge mess as the meters (dials) were replaced over time, the unused wiring not cut off, lots of loose and unisolated terminals and nothing bound together or fixed.

I'd appreciate it if someone has some pictures of the wiring too, for inspiration and I'll probably recognise some constructions on my boat that are not yet clear to me at the moment.

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