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New member/Old owner/ Old Carvers

Posted: December 16th, 2013, 11:56 pm
by Dashoway
Ahhh....I first owned a 28' 1989 Carver flybridge in 1999. Lost it during "Ernesto" in, I believe 2005-6. Went right back and purchased a 1991 Carver 26' Flybridge. A little smaller perhaps...but then, I'm a little older too. I've owned or built many boats in a lifetime but the Carvers always had attributes I enjoyed. Though never traveling in the circles of the much larger Carvers, I've owned 32' to 44' craft and many smaller. I just repowered my 26 Carver and unfortunately, like many of us, didn't get much chance to use it this past season. Retiring to my home on the lower Potomac in June, I'm looking forward to an active boating
season. Like all boaters, I've modified my craft in a number of ways and am interested in reading what inovations others have applied to THEIR boats!
Moving to the Virginia shore of the river will be interesting. I have no idea how much personal property tax I'll be paying (no such animal in Maryland) and I have no idea what the boats value is, or, how to determine that. I can't even find a 26' Carver Flybridge on the market to give me an idea. If anyone has a clue to that I'd be interested to know. Thanks

Re: New member/Old owner/ Old Carvers

Posted: December 17th, 2013, 1:27 pm
by waybomb
As for value, try NADA Guides. Look up boat values.
Just plug in what you have and your value comes up.

Post some pics!