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2006 Carver 36 MY port side prop spins in neutral

GAS engine, transmission and generator repair and maintenance discussion forum.
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Scurvy Dog
Scurvy Dog
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2006 Carver 36 MY port side prop spins in neutral

Postby Cliffm » October 22nd, 2018, 12:19 pm

My wife and I are looking at purchasing a 2006 Carver 36 MY with Gas engines, 8.1L Gii-F models. Our recent sea trial last Wednesday displayed a phenomenon. With both engines running but in neutral, the port side engine pop shaft turns, pulling the boat forward if your "idling" at the dock, or spinning in slow circle starboard if both motors running but in neutral.

The dry dock inspection showed starboard prop turned freely (motors off, trans in neutral) while the port side prop was stiff to turn. The initial thought was alignment, but now I'm questioning the transmission clutches.

Would this indicate a bad clutch pack? I know nothing about the internals of these transmissions, assuming they are a Volvo Penta version of Hurth ZF. Are they same for BB vs SB V8's?

There is 217hrs on the port engine but 229hrs on the starboard, does running one engine more than the other damage the transmission?

Is this a common issue? is there a "simple" typical fix?
Does the whole transmission need to be removed to be serviced? or can it be serviced in place?

thanks in advance for your insights and comments as the wife and I are trying to avoid a large money pit issue.

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Re: 2006 Carver 36 MY port side prop spins in neutral

Postby km1125 » October 22nd, 2018, 3:09 pm

Running one engine vs the other does not impact the transmissions, unless you're talking a a ridiculous amount of time (10,000 hrs vs 1000).

You could either have a valve problem that is pushing some pressure on the clutches or some warped clutches. Do you feel it change significantly when you actually put that engine in FWD? What happens when you put it in reverse? If the RPM on port drops lower than starboard in reverse, that might be a clue that the fwd clutches are still engaged. Running for a long time like that would be bad and overheat the trans, but since you rarely use rev you probably wouldn't have too much of a concern on that.

When it's in neutral and engine off, is there any noticeable drag on the port side vs the starboard side? That might tell you more if it's a warped plate issue.
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Re: 2006 Carver 36 MY port side prop spins in neutral

Postby bud37 » October 22nd, 2018, 3:35 pm

If you can have the mechanic make sure the shifters are adjusted correctly and see what occurs....lots of trans have some drag but have him make sure.....
Regarding your money pit question.......considering what you have come across already, what do you think at this point ?

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CYO Supporter
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Re: 2006 Carver 36 MY port side prop spins in neutral

Postby Viper » October 22nd, 2018, 8:00 pm

I agree with all the above. There are a couple of things that can cause this. This is something you want to get checked by someone who knows transmissions. You may even want to place a call to the manufacturer. It may be a minor transmission creep now but could end up a major failure in the near future. Having said that, I've seen this go on for years in some boats and they're still in operation. Like anything else, might last for 10 minutes, ten days, or ten years.

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