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Help !!! , 503 , 506 or 565

The is the forum to discuss general information regarding all Carver Yachts.
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Scurvy Dog
Scurvy Dog
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Vessel Info: Looking for 503 506 56 ft

Help !!! , 503 , 506 or 565

Postby angus1 » June 24th, 2013, 6:09 pm

Hello everyone , I would like to get input on the 503 , 506 and 565 Carver Voyager as i'm a diver my wife passed away and last son is off to Med School and going to buy a Live aboard in So. Calif. , Dana Point Newport Beach to long beach and any and all recommendations and experiences will be most appreciated .

Thank you Angus M.
Angus Looking for my new Home " Live Aboard Carver " , 503,506, and 56

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United States of America
CYO Admin
CYO Administrator
CYO Administrator
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Re: Help !!! , 503 , 506 or 565

Postby CYO Admin » June 25th, 2013, 7:33 am

For me, all of those models would be WAY more than enough for a live aboard for one person. One thing you need to look at is the ease of going out alone. Do you have easy access to handle lines from the helm, etc... that kind of thing.

As far as living on board, everyone has different needs and expectations. I know people that have lived, and cruised, aboard 30' sailboats and find it a perfect fit, others need a 50 plus foot power boat.

Much of it has to do with what your use to on land life. Big house, 2 car garage, big yard with a pool, etc.... The only way to duplicate that on the water is get a really really big boat :)

Are you keeping a land base, or are you chucking it all for the live aboard life style? We chose to chuck it all and embrace the live aboard life style head on. Sold or gave away everything, and I mean everything, when we moved onto a 46 footer. No fine china, no massive media room, no furniture, you get the idea. The stress of land life went away when all of those "things" that we had acquired over the years were gone. Removing the excess baggage from our life allowed us to breath.

Some have a hard time doing what we did, it was right for us but may not be for you.
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Scurvy Dog
Scurvy Dog
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Vessel Info: 2000 Carver 506
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Re: Help !!! , 503 , 506 or 565

Postby trmnewt » July 17th, 2013, 2:13 pm

I bought a 506 last year and I love it. It would definitely be great as a live-aboard. With the bow thruster, I have single-handed it on several occasions (fortunately always in agreeable conditions), but under those circumstances it is do-able. The 565 I believe is basically the same boat, and if you scuba dive, the cockpit might come in handy, although my swim platform would be adequate, I think.
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Scurvy Dog
Scurvy Dog
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Vessel Info: Looking for my new home , 503, 506 and 560 Carver Voyager ....

Re: Help !!! , 503 , 506 or 565

Postby angus12 » July 25th, 2013, 8:59 pm

Thank you for you replies as I used to love to dive with my wife as she passed away with the dreaded breast cancer got it at 31 died at 45 last 7 yrs. Stage 4 Met and my poor baby was a M.D. and we have a Great son almost 19 and accepted to UCLA for Medical School Hemotology/Oncology so he would be on board also hopefully alot as he's going to get certified padi this summer and I plan full time and tip of Mexico to as far North as possible , I live in Huntington Beach Ca.and would really appreciate as much input as possible and hopefully meet local Carver owners to learn as much as possible , im 51 good shape single and at a different stage in my life and going to do this love diving and Lucky/blessed with 3 Great sons 32, 27 and 19 2 older ones owns large Mortgage Company and has driven the same car for 10 yrs and save every dime and very wealthy and happy so im starting over and would love to learn as much as possible from Carver Owners in the sizes im looking at and would like to meet whoever from Dana Point to Long Beach ....

Me name is Angus M. Scottish ......

Ring me up and hope this is not a mistake but here I go ...

714 943 3078
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Deck Hand
Deck Hand
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Vessel Info: 2000 CARVER 456 MY
Full Bridge and aft deck enclosure
Originally purchased in Staten Island
Second owner also purchased in Staten Island in 2012
Now berthed in Toronto Canada
A wonderful and fully appointed luxury yacht.
Location: Toronto Ontario Canada
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Re: Help !!! , 503 , 506 or 565

Postby SHEMP » January 19th, 2014, 11:19 am

Hello Angus
I was just reading your post and replies. Did you end up buying something? Maybe you posted it somewhere else on this forum. I live in Canada and I looked for a live aboard type of boat for 5 years deciding on the right boat. I was looking for up to 50'. I had looked at dozens of boats. You might want to consider an older 500CPMY with Dingy lift. I almost bought one.
I wasn't aware of the 456 MY and as soon as I learned of this model, I went down to Connecticut and found my Perfect Yacht! it was like a miracle taking place , the right boat , the right time, the right Broker and meeting the fine Gentleman first owner, all coming together at the right time!
I hope you found your perfect boat but if you are still looking , I'm sure Your Perfect Yacht will find you!
I'm sorry that you lost your Wife to cancer.

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Vessel Info: 2000 Carver 506
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Re: Help !!! , 503 , 506 or 565

Postby Lyndon670 » March 28th, 2014, 9:28 pm

Just reading these posts. I just purchased a 506 and love the space in it. It is bigger than most downtown condos, Carver is genius at space utilization!
2000 Carver 506
Volvo 7.4TAMD
Queens Cove Marina
Georgian Bay, Ontario

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