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Water in bilge when I turn on ac

Discussion of AC's, plumbing and sanitation related issues.
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Scurvy Dog
Scurvy Dog
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Water in bilge when I turn on ac

Postby pdragula » October 17th, 2020, 8:15 pm


I recently replaced strainer. Pump and strainer are not leaking. I have a 42 carver.

1 where is water coming from in bilge?
2. Why does water come out exhaust when I turn on ac?

Thanks for your help.

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Deck Hand
Deck Hand
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Re: Water in bilge when I turn on ac

Postby chpsk8 » October 17th, 2020, 8:31 pm

Where does your ac water exit? Is that the water exiting the exhaust? I’ve seen a few boats set up that way. My Carver has two thru hulls, one on each side for the ac water.
You’ll need to do some tracing of water lines. In through the bottom, into the strainer, then on to the ac units(s). Through the ac units and out to the thru hull. There’s a surprising amount of water line in an ac system.
Also check the condensate drain and pan. If you are getting a lot of water it probably isn’t that, but worth checking to see if the drain line is plugged.

CYO Supporter
CYO Supporter
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Re: Water in bilge when I turn on ac

Postby Viper » October 18th, 2020, 11:26 am

Fred (waybomb) can probably confirm the location of the discharges on the 4207, I can't recall. Some models do discharge from the same area as the engine exhaust. My mid and aft AC units discharge that way. My v-berth discharges just above the waterline at the bow. I love this setup as you can't even hear when my units are running unlike my neighbours who keep me up all night with theirs pouring overboard a couple of feet from the waterline.

Water in the bilge could be from several sources so it's a matter of checking all the through hull hardware for leaks, engine and generator leaks, fresh water system leaks which could be lines, fittings, hot water tank, fresh water tank, etc. While we're on the subject of air conditioning though, they discharge condensate at a pretty good rate depending on atmospheric conditions. In later applications, the condensate discharges into shower sumps, then discharges overboard. Condensate in earlier years simply drained into the bilge. Again, Fred may also be able to confirm if your vintage came with shower sumps which the condensate should be draining into. If you have them, check to make sure they're draining in there properly.
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Re: Water in bilge when I turn on ac

Postby buster53 » October 18th, 2020, 1:34 pm

How much water are we talking about...ounces or lots of gallons?
If ounces, most likely the condensation is not making its way to the sump pump or the sump pump isn't working.
If lots of gallons, then some of your cooling water is leaking and not making its way to overboard discharge. And yes, as mentioned, some boats do discharge AC cooling water thru engine exhaust ports.

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